Matías Fernández has two reasons to laugh in Colombia

The Father was a first and she supported the Barranquilla Youth benefit over Atlético Huila and it gives them the opportunity to become conductors on the coffee league.

The main player in the 3-0 race against the Atlético Huila Youth in the Águila de Colombia League was Matías Fernández. The Bill played 66 minutes and supported the opening of Luis Narváez's account (16 & 39).

As part of the project, Freddy Hinestroza (49 & 39) and Sebastián Hernández (79 & 39), with support from Fabián Sambueza, presented the score.

The impact allows the Barranquilla team to go up to the first place in the historical places with 23 points in eleven dates. In addition, the only innocent album in the competition is a six-page award and five portraits.

On the next day, the old national team will receive Magdalena.

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