March to Plaza de Mayo to demand "truth and justice" by Santiago Maldonado

July 31 2018 – 21:06
                                One year after the disappearance of Santiago Maldonado, his family called for a mobilization to the Plaza de Mayo tomorrow to demand "truth and justice". In Salta, human rights organizations and social organizations will be concentrated from 5.30 in the 9 de Julio square.

One year after the disappearance of the young Santiago Maldonado after a protest by the Mapuche community in Chubut, his family called for a mobilization tomorrow to the Plaza de Mayo to demand "truth and justice". In Salta, human rights organizations and social organizations will be concentrated from 17.30 in the Plaza 9 de Julio.

The organizers of the Salta rally said: "One year without Santiago Maldonado we want truth and justice. River, it was the State, we continue to build the unity that the historical moment requires, not a step back. "

They rejected again the change in the role of the Armed Forces," enabled by a decree of President Mauricio Macri to carry out tasks of Internal Security "and expressed their opposition" to the actions of the Armed Forces in the street and to the criminalization of social protest. "

In Buenos Aires

The main concentration will be at 17 and organizations like Grandmothers of Plaza de May, Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Founding Line, the Permanent Assembly for Human Rights (APDH), HIJOS, the CELS, Relatives of Disappeared for Political Reasons, among others, although the marches were Carán in the main cities of the country.

Sergio Maldonado, the artisan's brother found dead 78 days after his disappearance, gave a press conference on Tuesday from one of the Telam buildings, together with his family and representatives of organisms of Human Rights, to carry out the official convocation to the mobilization

"I want to summon them for 17 to the Plaza de Mayo, not to ask, but to demand truth and justice for Santiago," said the brother of the deceased youth, who called to the human rights organizations to leave the "differences" aside to join.

"Santiago is solidarity," is the slogan of the one-year mobilization of the case that shook the government of Mauricio Macri: while the Casa Rosada was attached to the figure of "accidental drowning", the Maldonado family and human rights organizations stress that it remains to know the reasons why the craftsman died, taking into account the mag the operation of the Gendarmerie that day.

State responsibility
"They are responsible for Santiago disappearing, who generated all this and made Santiago in the water. The State has the device to pbad us up. They are responsible, because they entered throwing rubber bullets and lead so that Santiago was missing. They say that Santiago drowned alone. But who generated that? The State, through the Gendarmerie, "Sergio remarked to the press.

" We do not believe in the State in this investigation, so we asked for a group of independent experts. It is proven that the State itself is the one that enters the territory illegally with Gendarmerie, disappears to Santiago for 78 days, then appears dead and the one that investigates is Prefectura and Federal Police, "said Sergio Maldonado.

This Wednesday is true a year of the disappearance of the young artisan in the middle of the operation that the Gendarmerie made to evict the protest that made members of the Mapuche community of Pu Lof in the Chubut department of Cushamen in demand for the release of the leader Facundo Jones Huala.

Santiago Maldonado

After 78 days without news of his whereabouts, the body of Santiago Maldonado was found in the Chubut River on October 17, 2017, a few meters from where he had been last seen and in a place that had been raked several times with negative result.

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