Jason Momoa suing Brazilian who treated him as a pedophile


Last Tuesday, a Brazilian posted on Twitter a video where he accused actor Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones as and now Aquaman) of abusing his daughter.

The situation is like this: there is the actor in an Aquaman launch with his children, while he is watching a dance show. Momoa has her children embraced and in a moment, she makes love to her in an "inappropriate" place and supposedly the daughter is uncomfortable with the situation.

The Brazilian's tweet said: "Hello Jason Momoa, or should I tell you human garbage? I do not care if the girl is her daughter or not, but look how she was uncomfortable, LOOK AT HIS HAND, is that what you support? "And so, Jason Momoa went viral with thousands of people treating him as an abuser and pedophile, adding that in addition to the 2017 the same actor was founded because in a 2011 interview he said that the best thing about working at Game Of Thrones was "raping beautiful women without repercussions" #ok.

The issue is that in the end it was discovered that the video published by that twitter, was edited. Many people managed to record the same thing (because of course, it was a movie release) and the images were completely different.

In the end, the twitterer deleted the video and Jason Momoa is already taking legal action to process the creator of this fake news.

This is the original video (the edited one is not already that Momoa asked to be deleted):

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