It does not include the death of the old tutors Rene O "Ryan

Last Saturday confirmed that Rene O'Ryan, the name "An Instructor" on "Platon", was better. O & Ryan was fighting in 2016, but his body finally came.

The old mariner won the benefit of his / her public; thanking his personality as well, as well as identifying the face of television, where friendship was established with more than one.

The closest man came to the Church of the Immaculate Spirit, located in Vitacura.

Karla Constant's B & B; in one of the companies good relations by René in the "Mega Troman" program of Mega.

The man who arrived at the church arrived at the church and did not; Can not hide what effect it was; her, because In September he spent his date with him.

"It has been very difficult for me, which makes me more daring that it was very good, in September we were doing it; marks its date, He had a huge party with the family, his friends, we are celebrating, we had a wonderful time and now … it seems, I do not know they say you're at a level when someone is in a position; Dying, I think I'm in anger and in abuse, and I can not accept it because he was my friend, because he lives in my heart, my friend's friends on the soul and I do not know how you say how you will ", which appeared in the middle of the interview where he broke down and did not have the tears.

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"I had welcomed him for Christmas, but he did not answer me, so I said he must go on a trip, but how impressive it was, though he would travel, he would always answer me or send me a message and this time it was not like that. Ask me, I said to him, call me, call me, I gave anything to me, I wrote to his wife, there was nothing and I said something is good; happening"Diet leak.

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