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© Group One Is it true? Mauricio Pinilla could return to the U in 2019

Despite going out of her & # 39; club, the stripper could return due to Sabino Aguad's efforts. Tvn


Mauricio Pinilla It would be near to come back to The University of Chile, after leaving her & # 39; most in mid-year. Income Sabino Aguad As a sports club manager, he again opened the doors of Centro Deportivo Azul (CDA).

According to the Blue Symphony program, Aguad would trying to settle the problems between the ones and the president Azul Azul, Carlos Heller, after the first one, the flame will have a & # 39; lawyer for a million years, after going to Colon de Santa Fe of Argentina.

The plan for a new return of Pinilla is to override the "U" on everything else and its. Given the obligation to avoid playing off the player to Ronald Fuentes and Pablo Silva, who left her at # 39; club during the last board meeting.

The only media was sure the re-imagination began on January 3, the date on which the Blues premiered program will begin, Frank Kudelka, Mauricio Pinilla and Carlos Heller will bring a news conference for & # 39; show unity within the team and its; forget the controversial departure of old Atalanta.


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