In Santa Cruz there were no issues in Hantavirus

In Argentina, four distinct divisions were identified: North (Salta, Jujuy), Centro (Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos), North East (Misiones) and Sur (Neuquén, Río Negro and Chubut).

Given that the community can move to different parts of the country for the end of the year, from this area of ​​regional health ports, it is expected to take the following responsibilities:

  • Prevent breeders to enter or go to; nesting in homes.
  • Cover holes in doors, walls and pipes.
  • Do not avoid creativity and contact their colonies. Clean (floor, walls, doors, boards, spindles and cups) with one part of the skin of nine water (leave 30 minutes and then burn).
  • Moist the floor before moving to avoid dust.
  • Add gardens and container more than 30 meters from houses, cut grasses and plants up to a 30 meter radius around the home.
  • Blast at least 30 minutes before entering closures (houses, sheds).
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a wet hand before you enter or disable a mask.
  • Take special responsibility in the commission of fans and airlers who may have been in & # 39; communication with pollutants, crustaceans or gutting. If you need to do it, cover yourself with a mask.
  • When camping flows with bells and walks, sits just on the ground and theirs; drinking water.
  • If living creatures are found: use a venom for creatures or gutters to catch (try to tie or hit). Check the home if a pest control service is available.
  • If dead creatures are found: it is detected by bleach with everything that may be in communication and living at least 30 minutes. Then being taken by using gloves and bursting more than 30 cm deep or burning.
  • People with symptoms of illness should go to a health facility for consultation and avoid close liaison with others.

Its first character is similar to a situation; flu: 38 ° C fever, muscle face, knees, headache, nose, which includes abdominal pain, and # 39; diarrhea without being involved in the & # 39; high case.

Hantavirus is a zoonotic disease (broadcast for human beings) by HANTA virus behavior, it is attracted to people with wild creatures, the natural sources of infection of the disease, Continuing continuous disease and disinfect the virus through the urine, saliva and excreta.

Hantaviruses are produced in particular by including a full otter with viral fragments, from bone, urine and saliva from diseases with disease. Transactions are usually made to people when they occur; Go into the rock habitats in suburban and rural areas.

There is also evidence of human transferement, so other mysteries and other human vessels must be considered potentially hazardous.

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