How do you win Don Francisco's fortune twice in one night?

Thousands of settlers participate Saturday in the & # 39; largest tree in the world and one of them could earn $ 300 million dollars

Silents across the country try to do it; Trying to get their Power Power US ticket and for a good reason, the price has been on & # 39; Collecting many of the $ 300 million, two-time Don Francisco lucky twice and three trips to Leonardo Farkas's fortune.

Although the usual means of obtaining a ticket can ask a person who is a friend or a friend living in the United States to buy a ticket, thousands of Solicitors have a ticket; Buying through the message service, website, with the agreement of the Oregon official lottery commission, obtaining official parliamentary tickets on behalf of its clients worldwide, including Chile, to open its & # 39; A "non-American" citizen can afford the amazing prize that equals to 200 billion pesos.

Last year's interest in the US lottery was successful when customers from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia, Australia, Iraq and Canada received millions through and traveled to the United States with all costs Paid for the ticket was fortunate and, indeed, the millions received. Without so many stories about viral non-American wars and today there are thousands of settlers who buy tickets for the next raffle for $ 300 million dollars.

Whathe is ehis legal service?

The official rules of Powerball clearly say that a lottery spokesman must not be an American citizen or who has lived at a time; play "and so the world's cruel service is totally legal in the United States. For this we need to store those paper tickets in Oregon, which means that the right ticket does not leave of the State, adhere to American law that prohibits exports or lottery tickets.

If the Silean winner buys, the Lomo will cover all costs for the person who; travel to Oregon to get the ticket and they will also specify a lawyer who will come to the office of his / her office; lot to collect the prize. The warrant is that the user is a printed copy of the invoice, and is seen in the & # 39; He has a web account a few hours after he did the business. As well as getting to & # 39; a commitment that its company will be responsible for the & # 39; winner, to make sure they are safe.

In relation to local laws, the service of does not clarify that it does not; Raffles do not pay out prizes from their & # 39; pocket, so it is not specified within the games section, only offering a service service, get the ticket on behalf of the user and keep the paperwork when there is a ticket successful for the person to travel to where he played.

"We have an uncertain record of delivering successful ticket tickets, and helping lucky users to host the prizes," said Eduardo Guillén, producer for a Hispanic market, saying "at this stage, it would not be strange that the next Powerball winner is anywhere in the country, we would not make us happier than getting Silein in our care of lucky people "a & # 39; finishing to Guillén.

Why is it possible to rely on Europe?

1- There are more than 17 years of experience in its & # 39; One website as the website that purchases valid tickets from over 50 lots worldwide (including Chile lotteries) and issuing a published copy of the original tickets.

2- The website is determined by the official Oregon lottery in the United States and works in conjunction with the Department to ensure that tickets are purchased.

3- Theotter is the only messenger service in the world with a European Union operating license.

4- The United States-known media have referred, including the NBC, CNN and Fox news channel.

5- The principal parent of winners of the company with over $ 90 million of delivery is delivered and 4 million beneficiaries, including 20 who have collected millions.

6- Consumer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

7- Guarantee of allocation that is sure to return 100% of the money.

The next raffle

The next withdrawal of US Powerball is Saturday night and the collected raffle is $ 300 million dollars. One Chilean can participate through with any form of payment known as Master Card, Visa or Diners.

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