Health in Valparaíso: This is the incidental plan at Carlos Van Buren's Hospital for this new year

A complete contractual plan on the Carlos Van Buren Hospital is being prepared in Valparaíso, within a framework of End of the Year events, which one million visitors are considered to be; coming to Port City.

In this regard, the main network of San Antonio Valparaíso San Antonio, has prepared a full-risk plan, which includes strengthening shifts and staff available.

100% ready

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Mauricio Cancino, Deputy Medical Director of the Panoramic Health Center, said these marks at the end of the year "our hospital is 100% ready. We have set up a crisis plan in which the Emergency Unit for Children and the Adult Emergency Unit strengthen it. "

"In addition to our Critical Units, take care of the huge demand of the population in Valparaiso, both of the permanent numbers and thousands of tourists who will visit us in those end-of-year parties, "he said.

Importance is Van Buren

It should be noted that Van Buren Hospital is the only public health emergency facility that is located in its home plan, which is more important when tourists and visitors are actively involved in This area of ​​the town, therefore, is circulated in a sociable situation when emerging in emergencies.

"The population needs to be calm because our hospital has specialized staff at all levels, both doctors, nurses and nurse technicians to take care of a rising medical emergency in the population. The Health Network will be 100% operational, both Sapu, the Arbitration Service (SAR) and Carlos Van Buren Hospital Emergency Units in Valparaíso, "he declined the Medical Deputy Director .

First: self-care

Finally, from the Health Center they called on the people to encourage self-care, by giving them responsibility when they were in a position; Driving, trying to drink when they were driving, be careful when you are driving; travel on public roads to avoid accidents.

In addition to avoiding consults for small settings, and # 39; recommend that they will be admitted to that case to the SAPU, so that the Hospital can take part in the foundation of this patient with major or dangerous threats.

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