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Friday 28th December, 2018

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Together with the first United Curicó a & # 39; reaching a player from Temuco Sport, and two other countries that will be able to confirm the third-dimensional image to play; play in the First Division and & # 39; show that it was an increase, as well as entering international competitions.

Returning Cobresal to the First Division in 2019 and started strengthening to compete against the masses. That's why this Friday announced that four new players have been added for the next season and there are already names in the national environment.

John Santander was b. The first player named by the recent Deportes Temuco player. At age 24 he has recorded degrees through the University of Chile, La Serena, Huachipato, among other teams. Rodrigo Cabrera, the middle of Uruguayan from Athens in the same country, is coming together.

The third name is David Muller, an Argentine backdrop known to Sportivo Belgrano. Eventually, Felipe Reynero, was played for Curico United and also at a distance in Mexico at Atlante.

With these four players, the third sector team will try to stay in the register of honor and now; seeking a qualification to an international cup, to prove that it was an increase.

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