Establishing a girl Rosen announces the expansion of her beauty logo to Peru Economy

In 2015, Dominique Rosenberg sold 70% of DBS Beauty Store to Salcobrand and he only saved 30% of business, created in 2006.

Despite being & # 39; Provides shared departmental control, Rosenberg has a & # 39; Continued at the end of commercial manager's findings, and that is why she has named her DBS will enter Peru in the first season of 2019.

The income, in the opinion, is "a very aggressive opening of stores, much larger than we have in Chile, with market size and within three to five years, "said the business with Diario Financiero.

However, Salcobrand is not in the neighboring country, so that would mean that the chain was ashore on Peruvian soil, a complaint bankruptcy alone or related to a local company, although not yet clear.

Working in Chile

In our country, DBS Shone closed 2018 with 75 sources, a 9% increase compared to 2017 and is already creating a 10% increase for 2019.

"We are aiming to be one of the three most important distributors of the beauty of the area, we have committed a lot in this area. We expect to be a & # 39 ; representing 50% of 2020 conversion in 2020 kept"Also the professional supporter told the media.

2019, as well as the jump to Peru, you can see it attempts to digitize the logo.

"In March, we will send the first version of a mobile purchase request and we will install a platform e-commerce in May with the full version of this request, "he said.

This has been added to how a series of applications have been launched to help users try to make a cosmetic in an online mirror, either on the cone phone or in one of the sources.

"We will have Applications for exams and sculptures, The others try brick rods, for basic decorations, screens, among others ", he made examples.

According to Pulse, Rosenberg was constantly immersed in a business world. One of the daughters of Rosen's daughter, she was passionate about cheese since she was a child, who became a DBS.

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