Do you respect oral genre? Pineapple makes you enjoy even more

DRAFTINGING 12/31/2018 11:00 a.m.

Men and women who try to tidy up oral sex. Because of course, slopes Reports are not really enjoyable, indeed, most of the time they are bitter. Not to mention them there too they can be & # 39; untiring odors unlucky and unprotected. But did you know that food What does the smell and what they like change? That is a case pineapple, the only thing you need is.

According to Candidates, a study by the University of Lyon, in France. Eating habits can ease sweet or at least strange to vaginal migration, but especially at spirit. If you want that person to be melted between your legs or again, you need to be a food.

An spirit It is made up of protons, nutrients, minerals and vitamins. So, they have a lot of money to do. In contrast, pineapple It stands for its energy, the vast majority of usam A, C, folic acid. In addition, minerals are potassium, magnesium and iron.

It should be noted that it is there bromelain, an engine, which is not only a rigorous configuration improvement, it also has a & # 39; converting proteins into amino acids.

Among its features, it also affects its prism, because it is a "#; help built of the piece will last longer and consolidate the strange effects. That is, it helps to & # 39; neutralize taste of the spirit.

In this case, we can change the phrase, "Yes spirit, that's what I eat. If your boy wants the lectures to go often, he must go down to the speeches food too much taste. Like spinning, spices, coffee, soft drinks, red meat and, above all, reduced tobacco.

In a short time, it would be nice before you start eating some rods, especially because your language is left with a & # 39; This rough cover, that women enjoy when they are between their feet.






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