Confirmation of another patient with an aviation in Chubut and the number of advanced cases that grow to 14

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The Chubut Health Ministry reported that the small person who had been admitted to a hospital in Epuyén two days ago and moved to Bariloche was an unusual issue
Hantavirus, has been proven to be "positive" after the Malbrán Institute's study, so the number of people affected by this disease Cross-mice "colilargo" to 14, with 5 fatal victims.

In the last official part released today, the Health Ministry of Chubut is a " clarify that "the emergency team continues to work in Epuyen, which will provide an optional mental activity for people who are known as close links," saying the child, who who came to Río Negro hospital in Bariloche, he has been reinforced.

In Epuyén, the population of around 4000 residents who became a result of the crash, located in the very northwest of Chubut, on the area called Andean, was around 220 samples blood to check the & # 39; potential impact on it.

The samples were for analysis from the 15-year-old party settlers where the breach began in principle, known as the "mainland population", that is those neighbors who sent people who could be able to contact a piece of work, especially a family, as well as the population that is at risk to the town and healthcare staff.

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