Chang & E4 will only measure the bright moonlight temperature

BEIJING, Jan. 14 (Xinhua) – Night is on a dark and cold moon, however, Chinese scientists do not yet know how cold & it is. Probation 4, which will begin at the beginning of the month; The first moon arrives in history on the hidden side of natural satellite, helping them to find out exactly what the teles are. come there.

A moon day is equivalent to 14 on Earth, and evenings are just as long. The temperature varies greatly between day and night. According to scientific calculations, the highest temperatures can reach the Celsius 127 kilometer day, and at night the minimum can reach 183 smaller degrees.

In 2013, China launched the probability e-3 survey, the first spaceboat in the country that was in the country. on the surface of the moon. After more than 60 lunar nights over the last five years, the scientific gadgets of the equipment continue to work on a regular basis.

"It was successful, but Chang & # 39; e-3 was based on temperature data from overseas," said Zhang He, an active director of the Chang & e4 4 project, and is part of the Spanish Technology Academy in China (CAST, acronym in English).

"Without our own information on lunar measurement, we do not know how cool it will be a moon night," he says, and adds it: "Chang's Measurement & temperature differences between day and night, so help scientists to count the new features of the moon. "

Tan Mei, a CAST adviser for his project, says Changes-4 to "sleep mode" during lunar night because there is no energy of the sun, and at the same time a & # 39; Keeping safe temperatures by hanging on a heat source of radioisotopes, a collaboration between Chinese and Russian sciences.

"We need to turn heat into energy to work the thermometer and thus measure the temperature of the night," explain Tan.

The crucial vehicle is equipped with a lot of temperature data collectors, and the information they collect during the night will be taken out after the "awakening" probe, on the moon's day, says Li Fei , a member of the CAST and the team of vehicle designers.

Sun Zezhou, principal designer Chang & e-4, and also a member of the CAST, says that the data confirmation of a daily data on a night of moonlight by a & # 39; measure the temperature of the soil, the surface itself and its interior equipment. .

Isotope-based thermoelectric isotope-based generation technology is used for its first time in the Chinese spacecraft, and is a protocol for exploring a deep space, and add to the sun.

This technology is the informative explorer, from NASA, which allows him to not be responsible for sunlight, which impedes the work of those who were in the world; Previously, Opportunity and Spirit, can be compiled.

"We still need a technique if we want to reach policing areas and a deep place outside Jupiter, where solar power can not be used as a key power source, "Sun warns.

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