Authorities to indirectly defend the civilian defense of the Government in a symbol of a bank of Linares

"I knew, if the emoluments are not warned that they do not make a simulation and should be so close to truth", Without the words Maule Maigh, Pablo Milad, to describe the brutal symbols of a Carabineros bank made on November 29 at the Linares branch.

Representative statements have been raised by President in the & # 39; Mhaule revitalizes the government's political authorities and the challenges in the face of violence threatening staff who are ill; branch and government involvement in civil defense of bank staff.

"Co-ordination of the Cabinet within the Interior Ministry was bad, and they gave me a call on WhatsApp cWhen I asked Carabineros for something else, I'm going to; detecting violence, unveiled and unnecessary danger to civilization, "said Linares, Mario Meza (RN).

The regional councilor, Rodrigo Sepúlveda (DC)He also said "here, stealing, death threats and unnecessary violence related to civil servants and, If they tell me that the government and the factor know about it and have done anything, it seems very bad. "

BancoEstado decided to oppose the ones that were over Linares' long while and # 39; The officers, Claudia Sepúlveda and Lorena Trejos, no They make a complaint to shoot and put a risk to staff against their face; bank for the breach of their rights as employees.

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