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8 out of 10 users follow brands on social networks

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Spain .- Did you know that 80% of social network users interact with them with advertising? This is one of the main conclusions reached by the Annual Study of Social Networks 2018, prepared by Elogia for IAB Spain. And is that advertising, on social networks, is increasingly accepted by users and 32% of respondents do not see or bother. In particular, women and those under 46 are the ones who accept it in the best way.

This study also highlights that 8 out of 10 users follow brands on social networks and 39% do so with intensity. But what are the most followed sectors? The brands of the entertainment, culture and media sector stand out, with a 44% follow-up; and this is followed by transport (with a 38% follow-up). And the fact that brands have a profile in social networks, for 27% of respondents inspires more confidence.

In this era, the influencers is a very recurrent figure for brands and is for that's why 46% of professionals have indicated that they have hired an influencer in social networks and 87% are very satisfied with the results of the actions they have carried out. In terms of social networks, the most used are Facebook (78%), Twitter (63%) and Instagram (61%).

The use of social networks is becoming more widespread and is that 85% of the Internet users between 16 and 85 years old use social networks, so it can be said that in Spain there are already more than 25.5 million users with profiles on social networks and Facebook remains the undisputed leader (with 87% of users), followed by WhatsApp (also with 87%) and YouTube (with 69%), while Instagram is the one that has increased its percentage of users the most, going from 45% to 49%.

On average, Spaniards spend 58 minutes a day using social networks and WhatsApp and Spotify are the leaders in terms of usage times (with 1 hour and 33 minutes and 1 hour and 27 minutes, respectively).

] And, how do users access social networks? The mobile phone is the main device, since 95% of users access their social networks through it, followed by the computer (with 91%).


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