6.8% unemployment in mobile motion is September-October-November

National Occupational Survey (NSI) National Institute of Statistics (NSI) published for a fourth mobile in September 2018, which recorded a national unemployment rate of 6.8%, 0.3 percentage points plus the same period of the previous year. But it was 0.3 seconds lower than the last quarter of August-September-October.

The unemployed ones grew 6.7%, which explained unemployed people (4.7%) and claimants for their first time (25.1%).

Compared to mobile quartz; Previously, the unemployment rate changed temporarily, which was 7.1%, the INE notified.

In part of the registered staff, they went up 0.5% in 12 months, equal to 42,149 people. Public staff (2.8%) and private staff (0.5%) were the departments that had an impact on the expansion of unemployed people.

Those who worked on a regular basis 45 hours per week (1.5%) and their part-time (2.1%) part were driven by those who worked in the & # 39; methodology voluntarily (4.1%).

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