Chiefs WR Sammy Watkins isn’t worried about his role – just having fun

After the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Houston Texans 34-20 during the NFL season opener last Thursday night, it is far-fetched that quarterback Patrick Mahomes bowled only one deep ball in the game. Instead, the Super Bowl MVP – one of his illustrious 5,000-yard, 50-touchdown seasons removed as a starter – was playing more like a game manager, carrying younger Texans, who Texas used to give them. Safari played a deep role in the coverage.

And that was fine with wide receiver Sammy Watkins, who led the team with 82 yards and one touchdown on seven receptions.

“whatever I do [I’m] Asked, man, ”he told reporters during a zoom call on Wednesday. “Honestly… If they want me to crack a linebacker, then I will crack a linebacker. This is special because in our offense, I’m the type of guy who can catch short balls and make 8-10 yards – or score a touchdown. By the end of this year – and this year people will be playing us deep – we can bring that little passing game down and hit our big plays when we need to. “

Watkins said he believes the coaching staff is working with Mahomes to continue his progress from risk taker to more carefully preventing miscreants who can always shake chains.

“I think he’s growing up,” Watkins said. “Saying that being the elite quarterback. ‘Uh huh … I have to check it out now and move on to the next play.’ We are a special person in our team.

Kyle Terada-USA Today Sports

But Watkins also said he believes Mahomes is still a player who will be able to recognize the right time to let loose with that big game – and make it a stick.

“He’s a guy who knows the game now,” Watkins said. He said, ‘He knows the coverage and he knows where to take the ball. If he sees something opening, why not throw it and throw the ball away? You know Pat loves big plays. “

Meanwhile, Watkins continues to practice every day to improve his craft – so that he can get ready to make a play wherever he takes him in his routes.

“I think our coaches do so well with us in practice with just the snap count – and the little details of blocking and inside hands” he explained. “We are just Detailed. It gets boring during practice, but when you go to a game, those little things click in your mind – like, ‘Hey what do I have to do this‘- and don’t worry about big stuff and scoring touchdowns. I think if we continue to do small things, we will continue to get success. “

Watkins said he is not worried about playing against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday at So-Fi Stadium – where fans will not be allowed to participate – the way the Chiefs are practicing.

“We practice so fast; [that’s] The way we are coaching, ”he said. “Yeah, it’s hard not to go there with the fans – but at the same time, we all feed each other. We produce that energy. We’re together for three years. We’re just there to have fun Go out and enjoy themselves – not to do anything else but to win and have fun. “

As he answered reporters’ questions, Watkins said how important it was for him (and his teammates) to have fun – saying he spoke factually in his decision to restructure his contract so that he would be in the team in 2020 To return.

“[It was] Very special – not just to return to the team, but as a Super Bowl team. “A great employee – a great organization. A group of people I already know – and I’m kind of open.”

For Watkins, it seems that returning was an important part of his decision.

“I think that is the number one thing on a team – or any organization or anyone who is trying to win or be the best they can be,” he announced. He said, I think this team is young and we work together. We love each other. We are not selfish – and I think that is the biggest thing. Loving each other, being genuine, helping each other, kicking each other in the butt when we need to – but wanting the best for each other.

“I have been in many teams. This is one of those teams where I can say, ‘Man, we enjoy being with each other.’ If I can give my energy to everyone, man, I’m going to do it. this is my work.”