Chiefs vs. Patriots: what they are saying

The Kansas City Chiefs will face the New England Patriots in the AFC championship game on Sunday, a battle in which they will see two of the best quarterbacks of Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady, as well as two of the best football minds of Andy Reid and Bill Belichick.

This is what Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had to say this week as he prepares to lead his team to its eighth straight game in the AFC Championship:

On the impact of Damien Williams since he took over the runner:

"He has done a good job and has been very productive in handling the ball," said Belichick. "We know he's a good receiver and I played against him when he was in Miami and he's a very talented player who can play in the three lows, he has a good ability."

In the parallels between Mahomes and Brady:

"Their styles are different, but they're both really good pbaders and, I mean, Mahomes is a dynamic player and he's probably the most valuable player in the league this year, certainly you can put him there with anyone else you want." Talk about, "said Belichick of the young field marshal." He had tremendous production, executed plays as designed, but also sometimes improvised and makes big plays and big decisions on his own. He has been an excellent player for Kansas City this year. "

In which Sammy Watkins brings to the bosses' offensive

"Once again, a very explosive player, big and fast, is a difficult guy to handle," Belichick said matter-of-factly. "He's always going to be a tall player because he's caught and when he's covered, he's not really covered by his size." Then, when he gets the ball, boarding is definitely a problem due to his size, speed and his rigid arm to hit the players. tacklers.

On the dangerous offense of Andy Reid:

"They have so many good offensive skill players that they can not put them all on the field at the same time," Belichick said. Andy [Reid] It does a great job of making you defend all of them and put the defense in many compromising positions. He is a great game player, game organizer and has some players with skills to work in all positions. Very hard offense to solve. "

On the relationship with Andy Reid:

"I have never had the opportunity to train with Andy, but we have competed many times and I have played in many preseason games, and that goes back to when we were coordinators before becoming head coaches." Said Belichick. "I've always had great respect for the way he does things and we've been getting to know each other over the years, through those relationships and all the exchanges we made there over a period of time." I think he does a job as good as anyone in the NFL, he brings out the best in his players and puts them in excellent positions. They play very competitively always, but in a very respectful way: the way in which the game should be played. They play hard, they play clean, they are a good football team and they are always well prepared, they are always strong. They make you beat them. You have to go out and act. So it's always a tough match against Andy. "

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