Chiefs vs. Jets: all the absurd things that happened in the New York victory –

Chiefs vs. Jets: all the absurd things that happened in the New York victory


The week 13 meeting of the New York Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs was probably not one that many expected to turn into a shootout. But instead it was one of the NFL games with the best scores of the season with the Jets at the top, 38-31.

Alex Smith finished with 366 pbading yards and four touchdowns in a losing effort, while Josh McCown had 331 yards and a touchdown.

The crazy and absurd game ended with a drive from the Chiefs that failed in the red zone and turned the ball in the downs at the last minute. But the 60 minutes of the game were crazy.

These were the five things that stood out the most from the strange confrontation of Week 13:

1. Alex Smith was hitting all the big plays

One of the main reasons for the demise of the Kansas City offense in the last month and more has been Smith's inability to throw deep punches. That went hand in hand with the disappearance of Kareem Hunt, who did not find space against stacked boxes.

That was not a problem for Smith against the New York secondary with 22-yard, 36-yard touchdown pbades for Travis Kelce in the first half. He then outboxed those with a couple of touchdowns to Tyreek Hill in the second half.

The first was by 79 yards.

The second by 40 yards.

More plays like that and the Chiefs could look like the team that beat the Patriots and Eagles in the first two weeks of the season. That must also happen soon, because an opportunity in the playoffs is slipping quickly through the fingers of Kansas City.

2. The Chiefs had so many stupid penalties in the end

Kansas City had a crucial stop in the red zone, forcing a short field goal and leaving enough time for the Chiefs to drive for a winning field goal in the game. The only problem is that the Chiefs were engaged in self-destruction.

The field goal of the chip toss was canceled by a penalty of unnecessary harshness in Bennie Logan that ran into the long snapper, which is definitely a no no.

That set the Jets with a first try. And after about a minute and a half of walking, New York got a touchdown lead with a 1-yard touchdown run for Josh McCown.

Things got even more sloppy when the Jets went by two and the Chiefs got a defensive maintenance penalty on an incomplete pbad. That established a successful conversion of two points for the Jets that gave them a 38-31 lead.

3. Marcus Peters left after throwing a flag in the stands

When a defensive suspension was demanded in the two conversions, Peters was angry. The Chiefs cornerback was crazy enough to throw a flag in the stands, earning a quick personal foul.

Peters apparently badumed that turning a flag into a souvenir for a lucky fan meant his day was over and he walked to the locker room, but he was not even ejected and the Chiefs sent someone running down the tunnel to retrieve the corner

When he came back, he was not wearing socks for some reason.

Yes, I have no idea why. However, it did not matter, because the defense of the Chiefs never returned to the field.

4. The Chiefs threw a pbad to offensive lineman Cameron Erving

Apart from the end of the banana, there were also many other strange moments. Like Smith throwing a pbad to Cam Erving.

I am in favor of trick games, but throwing jump balls at offensive linemen that are well covered is probably a trick that can be abandoned.

5. Alex Smith had the longest career of his career

In addition to his prolific pbading performance, Smith also freed himself for a 70-yard run down the right wing.

That's the best race for field marshal number 12 and his only race of the day. Seventy yards per carry is pretty nice.

The Jets improved to 5-7 with the win and the Chiefs dropped to 6-6, leaving the door open for the Chargers and the Raiders in a suddenly sharp AFC West race. [19659028] [ad_2]
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