Chiefs’ victory against Buffalo Bill has eight winners and four losers

Good teams do what they do best, but great teams are those who are able to reinvigorate themselves, win in unexpected ways, leaving the rest of the league wondering what you need to do to defeat them.

The Kansas City chiefs made a new identity on Monday afternoon, with an offensive line reopening open lanes for a running game that would not be denied. Here are some of the chiefs who stood against the bill in an irrepressible-but-still major victory:


  • Nick Alegretti, Daniel kilgore And Mike remars: Probably the least likely list of players you’d expect to see on this list – the new-form Chief Offensive Line was absolutely effective against defending a good bill. These guys stepped in for an injured and often ineffective start and put on a game that took notice of the Announcers and an all-time great.
  • Travis Kelce: Mr. Credible returns again for the main offense. Two of his opening touches dealt more than a fumble at the end of the half. Interestingly, Kelce overtook Anthony Sherman in the fullback position this week. We will see if it continues. Either way, it looks like another elite season for Kelce.
  • Demarcus Robinson And Byron Pringle: With Sammy Watkins injured, the Chiefs needed a receiver who could open up and shake the chains. Against the Bills, these two guys took the joint sluggishly. Robinson led the receiver in snaps, catches and receiving yards. Pringle grabbed two catches, but both were important, including his 37-yard run which was his longest gain of the night on a broken play. Both of these bring the necessary physicality to the “X” receiver position, and they got work on Monday night.
  • Clyde Edwards-Hallaire: 94 yards in the first half, including a (young) career-long 31-yard run. He finished the game with 169 total yards and was a major reason the majors were in control in the game. His ability to come in the field and miss people is special. When will the team use its best attribute as a receiver in the passing game?
  • Chris jones: It may not look like it from the box score, but Jones was superb on Monday. Hitting blocks and disrupting the offense, No. 95 remains in the offensive backfield. That was an important reason Josh Allen was uncomfortable, and the Bills barely managed more than 200 yards of total offense.


Mark Konzani – USA Today Sports

  • Four ward And Bushood brieland: Corner play was better this week, but penalties were expensive. Brightland had three more wards, including a big pass interference call on a third and 10. Both of these people were far away this week, even though they might not have been so defeated otherwise. Maybe the refs were just calling it tight. Perhaps it was strategic, and the chiefs decided that it was better to get two flags to drop some big plays? But the flag almost gave life to a dangerous opponent, so on balance, it wasn’t very good.
  • Harrison butcher: Butler hit a pair of short field goals, placing the Chiefs in front of Buffalo. That being said, the missing extra points are becoming an issue. Missing one or two in a season can be ignored. But it seems that we are now entering separate territory with Butterkicker. If the Chiefs lose the game because of an extra point this season, it is screwy.
  • Ricky Seals-Jones: The athletic tight end saw his first action as a major this week, as one of four active tight ends. One of its targets was dropped. Of course not, when he or she hoped for the team when he signed this offseason with Kansas City. It will be interesting to see if he is active next week.

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