Chiefs-Texas: Fan welcomes NFL for ‘Moment of Unity’, will test Goodell

I’m not sure if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expected fans scattered at Arrowhead Stadium to boo Unity’s pre-game moment on Opening Night. Somewhere in their thousand actuarial meetings, Rekha relates to whether she should support the players in their quest – Gasp – Equality, it must have surfaced.

But if we have learned anything about women and women in this league and the country at large, constant support for such things always depends on which way the wind is blowing. In an incredible and swift moment of solidarity from the league’s players, this offseason, the NFL’s hand was forced. Colin Kaepernick was trying to warn about the country and admitted that he had a point. Invest in programs and initiatives that can benefit inequitable communities. Support players who, in their precious little time, are helping to pass legislation, arrange meetings with local law enforcement and draw attention to systemic racial injustice.