Chiefs named tight end Travis Kelus to NFL Top 100

For the fifth straight year, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelsey has been placed on the NFL’s Top 100 list. On Wednesday night, Kelce became the fifth major player announced through the “Top 100 Players of 2020” program Nfl network. Kelsey came in at number 18 on the list – her highest ranking ever. He was 21st in 2019, 24th in 2018, 26th in 2017 and 91st in 2016.

The 30-year-old Kelsey played his college ball at the University of Cincinnati before the Chiefs selected him in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft (63rd overall). In 2014, he led the majors in receiving yards with 862 on 67 receptions, after sitting out almost all of the rookies with a knee injury. With the exception of the 2016 season, he has since led the team in receptions, gaining more than 1,000 yards each in the last four years – becoming the fifth tight end to complete the feat, and only one Only four consecutive seasons to do so.

Along the way, he has been selected for five Pro Bowls and was named first-team All-Pro twice – most recently in 2018, when he scored 1,336 yards (and 10 touchdowns) on 103 catches.

In his seven-year major career, Kelce has scored 6,465 yards (and 37 touchdown scores) on 507 receptions. But perhaps even more importantly, Kelce has evolved as a person – and a leader. During his first five seasons, Kelsey was certainly a productive player, but was often disciplined for on-field outbursts.

But before the 2018 season began, Kelce admitted that he could be a leader in the locker room. “If that’s what we need outside, yes, without a doubt,” he said at the time. “This is whatever the team needs me to do and my focus is on that.”

Kelce’s new attitude played an important role in the team’s success that season, with new starting quarterback Patrick Mahome being named NFL MVP, the team came within a play or two or making the Super Bowl – and a year later, the team Led the first championship in 50 years.

Here is the 2020 schedule (all time arrowhead time):

Tuesday, July 28: 40-31 pm 7 pm, 30-21 pm 8 pm and 20-11 pm 9 pm

Wednesday, July 29: 10-6 pm 7-1pm 8 pm


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