Chiefs make smart financial decisions to keep potential NFL dynasty intact

The Kansas City chief could potentially have a dynasty on his hands with Patrick Mahomes who was off for some time as their quarterback.

Away from a Super Bowl win, Kansas City made several clever moves to get their key players to sign long and lucrative contracts that would keep them in the Chief Minister’s uniform for a while.

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The deal was most focused on Mahom.

The Super Bowl LIV MVP and chief agreed to a $ 10-million, $ 450 million contract extension that came with a $ 10 million bonus bonus and a guarantee of over $ 63 million.

The way the Mahomes deal worked was in the interests of both parties. The Mahomes hope to earn millions in roster bonuses every year. Both sides could potentially agree to convert bonus money spanning five years into a signed bonus, which could give the chiefs more cap room in the short term, but depending on what the league’s salary cap would be Possibly dropped them down the line.

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Mahomes said at the time of signing that the contract allows him to have “great players” around him. The deal prospect helped pave the way for the Chiefs to re-sign Travis Kelce.

Kelsey is one of the best tight ends in the NFL, and Kansas City signed a four-year, $ 57.2 million deal in the offseason. He is potentially out before the 2022 season, but could earn $ 16.2 million in 2025.

Chris Jones was also an important part of the team’s Super Bowl victory. In 2019, he was a first-team All-Pro selection and recorded nine sacks and 36 tackles. Jones and the chiefs agreed to a four-year, $ 80 million extension.

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The Chiefs had already locked another key player – Tyrik Hill – for three years at the start of the 2019 season.

Kansas City has strived to retain its good players in the team and the clever moves they have made allow them some financial flexibility in the cap while keeping the main pieces of their roster.