Chief CFPB official suing the Trump administration by appointment of Mulvaney


The move of English marks a surprising turn in the agency, which was created after the financial crisis to protect consumers and monitor Wall Street. While serving in Congress, Mulvaney voted in favor of killing the agency, arguing that it has too much power and infuses excessively harsh regulations, and has worked with Trump to overturn some of the agency's rules.

In his letter of departure, Cordray said that the work of the consumer agency is vital to the US economy, and its supporters, such as Mbadachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, say it plays a key role in preventing the big companies take advantage of the small one.

English said in a statement on Sunday: "The talented, dedicated and hard-working CFPB staff spend every day defending consumers, and as acting director, I am presenting this demand to defend the CFPB."
In his presentation to the court, the English lawyers argue that he is entitled to the post under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law, which created the agency and says that the deputy director becomes interim director when the first post of the agency is vacant. When Cordray resigned, she appointed English, then her chief of staff, as deputy director, establishing her as acting director of the department.

But Trump named Mulvaney the head of the agency shortly after Cordray named English, which indicated a potential confrontation over who "The President's attempt to install a White House official in charge of the independent agency, while allowing that officer to serve simultaneously in the White House, is unprecedented, "said English lawyer Deepak. Gupta from the law firm Gupta Wessler, in Sunday's statement. "The law is clear: Mrs. English is interim director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau until the Senate confirms a new director."

The White House defended its decision Sunday night despite the court's presentation in English.

aware of the lawsuit filed this afternoon by the English deputy director. However, the law is clear: Director Mulvaney is the interim director of the CFPB, "White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement." Now that the CFPB's own General Counsel – who was hired by Richard Cordray- has notified the leadership of the Office that he agrees with the reading of the law by the Administration and the Department of Justice, there should be no doubt that Director Mulvaney is the Acting Director. It is unfortunate that Mr. Cordray decided to put his political ambition above the interests of consumers with this trick. "

On Saturday morning, the White House defended the election of Trump de Mulvaney as acting director of the Consumer agency, calling it a "typical routine movement."

Mulvaney and his team do not expect a confrontation at the agency on Monday morning, a source close to the OMB director told CNN. Mulvaney is something the Department of Justice, attorneys and consumer agency staff agree and expect a normal transition, the source said.

Ariane De Vogue and CNN's Elizabeth Landers contributed to this report. .

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