Chief banned face paint from wearing Native American headdresses to playing games

A limited number of Kansas City’s leading fans, who will be present at Arrowhead Stadium on Thursday night to take on the defending Super Bowl champs in the Houston Texans, will not be allowed any Native American headdresses or face paint.

The rules are part of a push for racial justice following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis months ago, giving the NFL, teams and players their voice on social initiatives. NFL teams, along with the native American mascot, faced increased scrutiny, causing the Washington football team to remove its Redskins nickname that had stood since 1933.

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Kan, a student at Haskell Indian Nations University in Cannes, was among those who called the chiefs to make some changes.

“Using this mascot and this fan base of mainly wearing blondes’ face colors and headdresses and chomping tomhawk, and it activates them and empowers them, and then something to think about Nor is it wrong to just have a mind — that is insulting to me, ”said William Wilkinson, president of the alumni government, which is Navajo, Cherokee, Mandan, Hidtsa and Arakara.

He said that the name of the team will also have to be changed eventually.

The experience of the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS Highlight Gede, which is based on the Caridovis Pandemic during the game at home.

The 22-year-old said, “It makes us inhuman and gives us Native American a picture of this ghoulish animal who is hungry for battle.”

One of the Kansas City Chiefs fans cheered his team during the second half against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Arrowhead Stadium. (Jeff Curry-USA Today Sports)

Kansas City Indian Center executive director Geleen Krauser said it was wrong to use the “race of people as a mascot” and he believes the issues may shift the pace.

At least one fan viewed the changes as an overreaction.

Ty-Rotten, who participates in sports as the X-Factor, usually wears a costume with his head, beads and a cape signed by the players, saying the only change is the duct tape on his face Is sticking

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“It is something that elevates us together and we do as one. Rowan said that it never meant to offend.

The Chief Minister will allow attendance of 16,000 people for the first game of the season.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.