Chicken Souvenir: Tyson Warns 3,120 Pounds of Frozen Chicken Could Contain Plastic Parts


Tyson has recalled more than 3,000 pounds of frozen breaded chicken for concern that the breaded may contain small pieces of plastic.

The products in question were sent to food service establishments and were not sold in retail stores. The 12-pound boxes contained 3-pound plastic bags and were labeled "ORIGINAL CHICKEN TENDERLOINS, HOWEVER, IN BAKERIES" with lot code 1378NLR02 and establishment number P-746. They were produced on May 17, 2018.

Tyson said that a breading supplier first pointed out the problem on June 8, warning that its product was possibly contaminated with soft, transparent pieces of soft plastic.

The FDA, which said the contamination posed a low health risk, urged the food service establishments that purchased the removed chicken to recall the product immediately.

Until June 9, there have been no reports of injuries badociated with possible contamination. If you think you were injured or sick by the chicken removed from the market, the FDA recommended seeking medical treatment.


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