Chick-Fil-A just added these three new menu items

Many fast-food restaurant chains have announced new menu items as late as summer and fall. Taco Bell has a new drink and a new entrance. Wendy has a new cheeseburger (complete with pretzel buns and beer cheese). Even McDonald’s now has spicy chicken McGates. Chick-Film-A is combining them with three new menu items, and they actually have nothing to do with chicken!

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From mid-September, the chain will offer a new dessert called Chocolate Fuse Brownie. Individually wrapped treats are $ 1.89. According to a statement, “Chick-fil-A’s latest dessert offering melted into delicious semi-sweet chocolate as well as tasty, moldy pieces.” (Related: 108 How Popular Sodas Are Toxic.)

The other two new Chick-fil-A-menu items are for breakfast fans or those who may need some caffeine throughout the day. The restaurant will now offer THRIVE FARMERS ‘COFFEE, a custom blend with a hint of caramel and a nutty finish that combines Central and South American beans.

The final addition is available for a limited time only. Mocha cream cold drinks include “coffee with cold drinks, sweet cream and chocolate flavored syrup, served over ice.”

The statement said the chocolate smoothie brownie and mocha cream cold drink was tested at some locations last year and received positive reviews. Although not a pumpkin-flavored item, chocolate is always in season.

No nutritional information about the three new Chick-fil-A menu items is available yet. But, one successive Tiktok video shows how much sugar is in the other drink. While the ingredients are simple, most of the calories, sodium, and carbs in lemonade come from a lot of sweetener.

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