Chicago wins designing for outdoor dining solutions in winter

Even after the cold months, restaurants in Chicago have some new ways to continue offering outdoor food.

On Thursday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced that three design entries made it to the final round of the city’s winter food challenge.

According to the announcement, those designs will be developed into prototypes and each of the three winners will receive $ 5,000 in prize money.

Winning ideas include “Cozy Cabin”, designed by Atlanta-based firm ASD. SKY, “Block Party”, designed by urban designers Neil Rindell and Florent Mettell, and designed by graphic designer Ellie Henderson. ” Head table “.


According to the proposal, “comfortable cabins” are adjacent to “cabins” with heated floors. They “fit within the footprint of the standard parking space”, the proposal states.

According to the proposal, the “block party” design is made of heated modules, which can be pushed together, or disassembled, to seat several people.

Meanwhile, a “heat table” is basically a modified Japanese Kotatsu, the proposal said. There is a heating element under the tables and covered with a heavy blanket. Another flat surface is above the blanket, so eaters can eat at the table.

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According to the announcement, the competition received 643 entries over the course of two weeks.

The announcements stated that the entries were viewed by a panel of “architects, designers, cooks, restaurants and servers”.

The competition was created in partnership with BMO Harris Bank, IDEO Design Company and Illinois Restaurant Association.

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Lightfoot said in a statement, “As we approach the winter months and adapt our response to COVID-19, we ensure for our restaurants to keep their doors open and serve their communities is required.”

Chicago on Thursday announced the three winners of the Winter Dining Challenge. (iStock)

“Thanks to IRA and for the outstanding creativity of our Winter Dining Challenge winners, we will not only be able to make this a reality, but it is safe to do so and showcase the innovative spirit of our city,” said Lightfoot. “A huge congratulations to each of our Winter Dining Challenge winners.”

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Lightfoot also revealed on Thursday that DoorDash and the Illinois Restaurant Association would give $ 500,000 to Chicago’s restaurants to “help cover the cost of cooling outdoor dining areas”, the announcement said.

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“Our city’s restaurants are finally starting to move forward, and we have to help them maintain that momentum,” David London, head of US East End Federal Government Relations, Dordash said in a statement. “Dorscheid is deeply committed to supporting our restaurant partners and the communities we serve. This initiative will provide significant financial support to keep the restaurant in cold weather, and we are appreciating the shared support of Citi and Ira. ”

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