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Chicago mourns the death of a police commander at the Thompson Center


The city of Chicago is in mourning after the shooting death of a well-loved and respected Chicago police commander, and charges against the suspect could come as early as the night of the night. Wednesday.

Commander Paul Bauer, 53, was shot and killed helping tactical officers at the Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph, on Tuesday afternoon.

A man in custody was shot in a police car wearing a bulletproof vest.

Just before the shooting, officers saw a suspect near State Street and Wacker Drive, but the man fled when they tried to stop him.

Commander Bauer was near the Thompson Center and heard the description on his radio. He ran to find it. When he met the suspect on a staircase, he was shot several times.

The I-Team learned that the suspect, a 44-year-old South Side man whose name has not yet been published, has a 24-year history. history of drugs, weapons and crimes of armed robbery and spent 16 years in state prison.

A Chicago police spokesman said at 7 am Wednesday that charges are expected against the suspect in the next 36 hours and could arrive as early as Wednesday night.

Police superintendent Eddie Johnson met with his high command in a meeting at headquarters of the police, with Mayor Rahm Emanuel attending.

Rows of police and firefighters remained silent on Tuesday night while the Commandant's procession Bauer passed from the Northwestern Memorial Hospital to the medical hospital Examiner's office.

Mayor Emanuel was thrilled to comfort the men and women of the 18th Police District.

"I ask each of us, in the days to come, to see the Chicago officers doing their jobs, to communicate with them as a member of their family, thank them. police, a coup in the city, "said Emanuel.

CLOCK: Police Procession for Commander Bauer

Meanwhile, CPD tweeted that Superintendent Johnson agrees to look after the commander Bauer's family and the police officers will intervene for him and take his daughter to school from now on.

"Moving forward, let's not forget the legacy of Commander Paul Bauer, he gave his life for the protection of this city, and it only serves to show him that day after day the police officers run into problems not far from that, and I think it is important that we recognize that and again as a city, I only ask all of you for your thoughts and prayers for the Bauer family, "Johnson said.

Chicago police returned to the Thompson Center on Wednesday morning with a surveillance photo of the suspect in hand, talking to people returning to work and trying to get more information about the man they believe shot and killed the man. Major Bauer.

"They asked me if I had ever seen this guy and they showed me a picture of this guy and I said, 'No, I've never seen him before,'" Will Morrow said.

After the shooting, the area around the Thompson Center was closed and the buildings were evacuated, everything was open again on Wednesday morning, but there is a sense of sadness.

"It's a cloud that is hanging, You know, nobody wants to have their family memb "They killed someone or they killed someone," said Jermaine Powell.

In a nearby building overlooking the Thompson Center Plaza, notes that say "Thank you CPD" are stuck to the windows and a small monument is growing for a man who made the ultimate sacrifice. Christina Chan left flowers on the way to work.

"I left some red roses, I felt as if it symbolized the love he left behind with his family," he said.


Meanwhile, there is a growing monument outside the 18th District of Commander Bauer, with the flag out to half the staff and the memorial bunting.

Many officers shook visibly as they escorted their commander to the coroner's office.

The commander left an indelible mark on the community and the police force. During his 31-year career with CPD, Major Bauer worked extensively with the mounted patrol. He commanded the patrol mounted during some of the biggest events in Chicago, such as the Stanley Cup celebration for the Blackhawks in 2013.

But beyond his police work, many said he was passionate about the community It served.

"There was never a time when he did not answer a call, did not call or did what he could on behalf of this community, so we are going to miss him a lot," said the executive pastor of LaSalle Street Church , Randall K. Blakery.

On Wednesday, Bauer would have been at Eva Café, presenting her monthly talk, Coffee with a Commander.

"People came to him with problems, he talked to them about that, or people just asked what his life was like, you know, he seemed quite interested in everyone," said Tucker Brookshire of Eva's Café.

Those who knew him say he was passionate about connecting with the community, which was evident in the influx of support in District 18, where several people came this morning to release food and cards

"I met the Commander Bauer several times, he was a wonderful guy and he cared a lot about the 18th district, so I splashed a little love on them this morning, it's just heartbreaking, "said Hollis Hanover.

"It's something very small, I wish we could have done more, but we just wanted to let them know that the community is thinking about them and that they care about them," said Maureen Smithe.

Community leaders say that Commander Bauer went beyond his duties as a commander and did what he could to connect with the residents of his district.

Officers will wear black stripes on their badges in honor of Commander Bauer and violet Mayor Emanuel has ordered that half of the city's flags be flown in the city's flags.

Council members Brian Hopkins, Michelle Smith, Brendan Reilly and Scott Waguespack issued a statement that said: "We are heartbroken to learn about the tragic death of District 18 Police Commander Paul Bauer this afternoon at the Thompson Center while he attended a tactical unit, a career police officer loved by line soldiers in the District and throughout the city, his frank and open approach to the police helped to change the culture of the police in his district.

A longtime service veteran of the Chicago Police Department, Commander Bauer came to District 18 in 2016 and quickly announced his presence and leadership, was a brave police officer and his actions to help the officers pursue a suspect demonstrates his passion and commitment to the work and safety of our city.

Commander Bauer's intuition and understanding of the Surveillance, combined with its open and honest approach to reporting on the problems faced in the District, helped to better combat the challenges facing the streets. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have met Commander Bauer and done it to keep the District safe.

This afternoon we stayed awake, along with hundreds of first responders, at the Northwestern Medical Center to mourn their loss. 19659003] To conclude, today's events serve as a painful reminder of the challenges your brothers and sisters face in the Chicago Police Department.

We ask that you keep Commander Bauer, your family, friends and the entire Chicago Police Department in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. "

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