Chicago Hospital administers vaccines to Trump workers for the most affected residents

    Residents wait in line to be vaccinated at a mass COVID-19 vaccination center set up in a parking lot outside the United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks, on March 10, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois.

Residents wait in line to be vaccinated at a mass COVID-19 vaccination center set up in a parking lot outside the United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks, on March 10, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois.
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We’ve already written about how vaccination trends in the US have put out more than a sprinkle of Eau De Colonization, but this story out of Chicago, like many stories out of Chicago unfortunately, takes the cake.

Block Club Chicago recently opened a story That brings up many of the most sordid problems that perpetuate inequity in the notoriously segregated city and the country it belongs to: greed, cronyism, hoarding and the Trump family.

Loretto Hospital, a community care facility based in Chicago’s West SIn the Austin neighborhood, Mayor Lori Lightfoot revoked her vaccine supply on Friday following a report from Block Club Chicago that the hospital has been administering doses to residents of the mostly black and low-income Austin neighborhood. , to people from some of the wealthiest in town. enclaves.

Those who jumped the line and received vaccines aimed at already divested communities color disproportionately beaten for the coronavirus include Eric Trump.

Because, of course, a Trump is involved.

If you are familiar with downtown Chicago, you will know that there is an eyesore in the Trump Tower looming over the city’s river. Dr. Anosh Ahmed, the director of operations at Loretto Hospital, who happens to also live in the luxury tower, unknowingly revealed his own misdeeds by sending boastful text messages earlier this month saying that he had “vaccinated Eric Trump.” , with a complete photo of him. and the former president’s eldest son who resembles a vampire to back up his boast.

From there, it was learned that Loretto had organized an entire vaccination event for the workers of the Trump Tower Hotel and the residences of the center. A reminder: the vaccine doses assigned to Loretto by the city were to be given specifically to the mostly black people who live in Austin and continue to be vaccinated. well below the number of people in the wealthiest zip codes in the city, like the ones in the center. Chicago’s vaccination rules limit doses to residents of 15 underserved communities of color, people 65 and older, and frontline workers and other specialty groups, not including hotel employees.

When you take him to task, Ahmed claimed nonsense that he was just “joking” about having Trump vaccinated. But that wasn’t enough to prevent city officials from disconnecting Loretto’s vaccine supply, especially since it turns out that Ahmed wasn’t the only boss at the hospital diverting the doses to people outside of the designated neighborhood they were intended for. .

The Loretto CEO, who is a black man named George Miller, went so far as to send 200 doses of vaccines to his Valley Kingdom Ministries International church in the Oak Forest suburbs, nearly 20 miles from West Side neighborhood for which they were intended.

“In the coming weeks, our goal is to get more COVID-19 vaccines to administer because the demand is extremely high. We are attracting new patients who have never visited [Loretto] before, ”Miller wrote in a newsletter to his hospital staff after his congregation was vaccinated.

Miller was commended for putting his fellow church members ahead of those in need in Austin with an award from the church’s senior pastor on Feb. 28, reports Block Club Chicago.

It appears that everyone was getting an injection of the vaccines, except for the many Austinites who are not yet vaccinated.

Ahmed, the aforementioned Loretto CFO and Trump fanboy, also hooked up the employees of a luxury jewelry and watch shop on Chicago’s Gold Coast with doses of vaccines. Block Club Chicago reported Monday.

A witness to that event says that the vaccine recipients were “white and privileged,” adding: “I knew deep down that I was not eligible.”

However, he still received his dose of vaccine, complete with a vaccine card.

Loretto denies vaccinating anyone at the luxury store called Geneva Seal, and the hospital board has released a statement saying that “all reported events stemmed from a sincere desire to vaccinate as many eligible Chicagoans as possible, especially people of color. as fast as possible.”

Since when is Eric Trump a person of color or eligible under Chicago rules? Is there no shame and contrition? I guess it would be too decent.

The city is now conducting an investigation into the many “reported events”.


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