Chicago Cubs lineup: Rizzo takes a breather, Bays moves to second base, Horner

The Cubs dropped the first game against the Brewers last night – another quiet night for the offense – but they got a solid performance from John Lester and Craig Kimbrel, who could both be more important than a win. But now that we have gone out of this way, let’s win this series starting with the game today, eh?

Chicago Cubs lineup

1. Ian Happ, cf.
2. Chris Bryant, 1B
3. Wilson Contraras, C
4. Kyle Schwarber, DH
5. JV Badge, S.S.
6. Cameron Maybin, L.F.
7. Jason Heyward, R.F.
8. David Boat, 3B
9. Nico Horner, 2B

With Lefty on the mound for the Brewers today, I’m not surprised to see Nico Horner at second base instead of Jason Kipnis, but I’m curious to see if Kipnis starts tomorrow – just getting out of that way Wanted to up.

Apparently, the most noticeable changes in the lineup today include a reprieve for Anthony Rizzo, who has been replaced at first base by Krrish Bryant, who is third, by himself, David Boat. Rezzo from the lineup, Wilson Contreras on third and Kyle Schwarber on DH, Bats on fourth. Javi Badge, returning to the lineup after his own yesterday’s off-day, has finally dropped to 5th in the lineup, which when Rizzo returns, is actually like batting sixth (although we See if it actually happens or not. Tomorrow).

As always, we will have your full pre-gamin post close to game time (6:10 ct).

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