Chicago Cubs Lineup: No Kipnis Again, Maybin at Left Field

The Cubs have a chance to win this series tonight, and that will be enough, but they will have to go through a tough pitcher in Sunny Gray to get there, and have a struggling offense with Adbert Alzolay on the mound. Let’s see.

Chicago Cubs lineup:

1. Ian Happ, cf.
2. Chris Bryant, 3B
3. Anthony Rizzo, 1B
4. JV Badge, S.S.
5. Wilson Contreras, C
6. Jason Heyward, R.F.
7. Cameron Maybin, L.F.
8. David Boat, D.H.
9. Nico Horner, 2B

I want to start by pointing out one notable absence: Jason Kipnis.

The Cubs have not started on the field since the relatively hot second baseman finished against the Cardinals, taking DH duty in Game 1 vs. the Reds before sitting out on back-to-back nights. Obviously, this may not mean anything, but I will point out that both last night’s starter Trevor Bauer and tonight’s starter Sunny Gray missed out, they are no different.

With that said, Kipnis’ is just 2-15 with 5Ks and a homer against Gray’s Lifetime, so it’s probably as easy as a bad matchup after the rest of the day or two. I’m not trying to make up a story where there is none, but I have to be curious to see if he is there tomorrow against Brewers right Brandon Woodruff.

In other matchups / absentee news, Kyle Schwarber is out of the lineup tonight, and has previously gone 3–11 against Gray with 3 strikes, plus a double and a triple. Perhaps this is further proof that the Cubs just don’t like Gray V. I really do not know.

(Of course if it was about the historic matchup, you probably wouldn’t want to see Jason Heyward (1-16, 5Ks), JV Badge (1-10, 6Ks), or Anthony Rizzo (4-7, 2K, BB). Either. Someone’s game will be.)

In addition, Chris Bryant is back and batting second, Hayward is back and batting sixth, Cameron is covering left field for Maybin Schwarber, David Boat is DH, and Horner is second base. Is on Let’s see if this is enough to take down the Grays and Reds, which could effectively end their season.

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