Chicago Cubs Lineup: Cameron Maybin Steps For Jason Heyward

I loved it when the Cubs won the first game of the series and were still ahead of them all weekend. Good old days. Friday. Seems to last forever. Here is your Labor Day lineup for Finale.

Chicago Cubs lineup:

1. Ian Happ, cf.
2. Chris Bryant, 3B
3. Anthony Rizzo, 1B
4. JV Badge, S.S.
5. Kyle Schwarber, L.F.
6. Wilson Contreras, DH
7. Victor Caratini, C
8. Cameron Maybin, R.F.
9. Jason Kipnis, 2B

After DHing yesterday, Kris Bryant goes back to third base today. And with that, David Boat went back to the bench. Meanwhile, Wilson Contreras will be Cubs DH this afternoon, pushing Victor Carretini behind the plate for Kyle Hendrix.

Jason Heyward, who was sent to the hospital yesterday, is out of hope today, with Cameron Maybin covering the right field in his absence. Hayward has been one of the best players this season and his absence will be felt.

The Cardinals are starting 22-year-old right-hander Johan Oviedo today, with his fourth major league debut. His first three are all well (not terrible, not spectacular), but also relatively few. In particular, he has allowed a tight contact through his first three starts, but has been saved by an indefinitely low BABIP. With 3 and a patient, unstoppable order through the powerful Cubs lineup, this should be a juicy matchup for Chicago, one they should take advantage of.

As always, we will have your full pre-Gmin post close to game time (3:10 ct).