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Chester Bennington's autopsy report published

Chester Bennington

Autopsy shows ecstasy and alcohol at the time of death

12/5/2017 12:39 PM PST


The autopsy of Chester Bennington shows that he had alcohol and ecstasy in his system when he hanged himself … TMZ has learned it.

According to the results of autopsy and toxicology obtained by TMZ, the Linkin Park singer had a small amount of alcohol and MDMA (ecstasy). The authorities found a prescription bottle of Zolpidem, generic Ambien, in his dressing table. There was also a Corona beer glass, which was half full, and an empty bottle of Stella Artois.

Police found pieces of nail under their iPhone and on a table in the bedroom. Chester's wife, Talinda told the police he would do it when he was anxious. She said Chester had a history of depression and previous suicide attempts, including one in 2006 when he left the house with a gun after drinking a lot.

Talinda added that Chester was currently in an outpatient treatment program. A month before his death, Chester informed his friends that he had been sober for 6 months.

He had been prescribed antidepressants in the past, but had not taken them for more than a year … according to Talinda.

TMZ broke the story … Chester committed suicide on July 20 by hanging himself. The report says they found him wearing a black leather belt from Hugo Boss around his neck. He still had the boarding pass in the pocket of the flight he had taken from Phoenix the day before his death.

There was no suicide note, but police found what they call an "apparent biography," which was handwritten.

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