Chester Bennington Hog-Tied in attempted drowning, Redacted in Autopsy Report

Chester Bennington

Hog-Tied Drowning Attempt …

Coroner Redacted Info in Autopsy Report

12/6/2017 10:27 AM PST


Chester Bennington got very drunk, tied himself up and threw himself into the pool in a suicide attempt 9 months before hanging himself, something the Los Angeles County coroner knew, but was drafted from the autopsy report

Sources familiar with the investigation tell TMZ, Chester's widow, Talinda told the coroner that Chester consumed a large amount of alcohol, tied himself himself and was thrown into the group in November 2016, but he had a change of opinion and was able to break free of the restriction and escalate to safety.

We were told that Talinda's attorney, Ed McPherson, contacted the county attorney for the coroner last Friday and asked that this information be redacted. We were told that the coroner's attorney initially said no, but McPherson he insisted, arguing that "marital privilege" should protect information. The coroner's lawyer agreed and the passage was drafted from the autopsy report

Our sources say that there was a division of opinion in the coroner's office, and some say that there is no "marriage privilege" in an autopsy investigation and also saying that such a privilege has never been used to keep the information secret.

It's especially interesting because, right before the newsroom, there is a passage about Chester that he drank in 2006 and threatened to commit suicide before leaving the house with a gun. That incident was not drafted.

The assistant deputy director, Colonel Ed Winter, tells TMZ: "The report remains as it is" and declined to comment further. We also contacted the main coroner, but he did not return our calls.

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