Chelsea Handler 50th Feud on Twitter Supporting Trump

Photo: Getty Image for Makers

It is difficult to remain friends with the former, regardless of his political views. When you are with opposing parties during an election year? It is near impossible. Comedian Chelsea Handler is experiencing in real time her ex-boyfriend, rapper and out-of-touch rich man as 50 Cent, most recently Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election purely for his own financial gain Is supported. On Tuesday, 50 cents shared their recent support by tweeting 45 “.[concerned face emoji] I don’t like it !, “in response to a video that jokingly claimed it would become” 20 cents “if Joe Biden wins the election (an indifferent and ultimately wrong joke, but whatever).” You’re my favorite. Used to be ex-boyfriends, “replied Handler, who briefly dated the rapper in 2010 after appearing on her talk show, Chelsea lely. Funnily enough, with 50 Cent Roasting, Handler has also inadvertently overshadowed what we now know, his other high-profile ex-boyfriend Ted Harbert, former CEO of Comcast. Sorry, Ted.

At the end of at least 50 cents, there seems to be no love between himself and the handler. The next day, 50 Cent tweeted a screenshot of Handler’s ex-boyfriend with the following message: “[face palm emoji] Oh my god [sic] My love life now. @chelseahandler I love you, don’t let Trump and Joe Biden come in between our girl. “Either way in his decade, 50 Cent may have recalled that Handler has become increasingly political, dedicating most of his stage to combating his own issues with privilege and selfishness, like his Netflix series is Hello, privilege. This is me Chelsea. And his upcoming HBO Max stand-up special Evolution Which falls on Thursday, October 22. Simply put, he is not the “love triumph all” type, and his response to 50 Cent’s request did not allow him to do the politics of dividing. “Hey motherfucker!” I will pay your tax in return for your senses. Happily !, ”Handler wrote. “Black life matters. That’s you, fuck me! Remember? “Well, someone eventually had to remind him. Chelsea, save your hard-earned money and pay 50 cents your own tax – he can afford it. Here’s hoping 50 through one He goes away Evolution Before Election Day, or at the very least, maintains his obsession with trolling out of politics.

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