Cheer Jerry Harris, accused of sexual misconduct with a minor

Photo: courtesy of Netflix

Has come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against two teenage brothers CheerAccording to reports and court documents, the Netflix star has claimed that the Netflix star accused her of having sex with him at the age of 13.

United states today The newspaper, previously reported on these sexual misconduct allegations, also reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating Harris, saying agents searched his Naperville, Illinois, residence on Monday. Harris has not been charged with any crime.

A Harris spokesman said, “We clearly dispute the claims made against Jerry Harris, which allegedly occurred when he was a teenager.” “We are confident that when the investigation is complete the true facts will be revealed.” The spokesperson did not elaborate on the type of investigation.

Twin boys, who publicly identified themselves as Charlie and Sam United states today, Sued in Terrant County, Texas, the court on Monday detailed its allegations. The boys are listed on court papers as John HS Doe and John HC Doe. At this trial, a lawyer confirmed to Vulture that these plaintiffs were the same two accused with whom they had spoken United states today, Which first reported on his suit.

According to the suit, Harris “befriended” these boys in a national cheer competition in 2018 – both in person and via social media platforms – when he was an adult.

Harris called for the phone numbers and social-media-account names of the “Starstruck” boys, using their “position of authority and prominence”. Soon after, Harris began “grooming” her with texts and social-media messages that quickly changed to a “sexual nature” – such as her “booty pics”, court papers.

When the boys were about 13 or 14 years old, Harris would repeatedly embrace him in competitions. Harris’ misconduct progressed further, as he “took advantage of the fact that the plaintiff was openly gay,” the suit further claimed. When they were about 13 or 14, Harris demanded them, saying that they “send nudes,” explicitly demanding that these young boys send Harris child pornography, including their naked bodies, sex. And includes images of buttocks. ”

Because of “manipulation” and his trust in Harris as a protector, he “often reluctantly complied with Harris’s demands,” the suit said.

“Harris will also send sexually explicit photos and videos of herself to the plaintiff, including, but not limited to Harris’s gender and body photos, as well as videos of Harris’s own masturbation,” the suit claimed . He messes them up while trying to meet “at secluded places in various competitions, pleading with these boys for sexual conduct”.

In May 2019, Harris said in a text, “Hey btw I found a place to put stuff, it’s really great.” The second time, Harris said, “Do you ever want to ****,” the court papers mention.

At a national competition in Fort Worth in February 2019, Harris allegedly asked one of the boys to “follow him to the secluded bathroom”. Boy whom United states today To avoid a scene, Charlie said, “complied reluctantly”.

Harris locked herself in a stall in the bathroom [Charlie] … And started asking and begging [Charlie] Have oral sex on Harris. in spite of [Charlie] Refusing to submit to Harris’ demands, Harris constantly begged [Charlie] For oral sex, ”the court papers stated.

“Ultimately, because Harris won’t stop demanding oral sex, [Charlie] Ran out of the bathroom and reunited the rest of his comrades, ”the suit said. He said the boys eventually found out that Harris “has multiple victims of his sexual abuse throughout the community.”

The boys’ mother reportedly received Harris’s messages in February. She reported the alleged misconduct to the Fort Worth, Texas, police on July 10, 2020, and to the FBI on August 8, 2020. “As of the date of this petition, the plaintiff is informed and believes and says there is open police and an FBI investigation by Harris and the Entity Defendants,” court papers state.

When asked for comment, an FBI spokesperson initially stated, “Justice Department policy prohibits the FBI from commenting on the existence of any investigation or any existence that might occur. There is no further information at this time. “

When the vulture pointed United states today “The FBI is conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity in the area,” he replied, “I can confirm that this statement is accurate, but has no relation to any specific person.”