Chase Daniel quickly accepts his main duty: to help Mitch Trubisky to excel

When the Bears presented their five new free agents on Thursday at Halas Hall, Chase Daniel was the only player who expects him not to see meaningful action this season.

That's not so much a blow to Daniel's skills as a quarterback as an acknowledgment of why the Bears are guaranteeing him $ 7 million over the next two seasons. And Daniel, a career backup who has started only two games in a nine-year career in the NFL, quickly accepts his main duty beyond being prepared to play in an emergency.

Help second-year quarterback Mitch Trubisky to excel. [19659002] Daniel has rare grades for that role because he played three seasons for the Chiefs, while the Bears' new coach, Matt Nagy, was an badistant. He also played for the Eagles in 2016 with Doug Pederson, who like Nagy is a product of the head trainer's coach, Andy Reid.

Nagy's offensive is still unfolding, and much of it will be new to Trubisky. Daniel's ability to help with the transition will be "huge," said general manager Ryan Pace.

When asked what it takes to excel in an offense like that, Daniel had a quick response: "a brain."

"He is very intensive marshal," he said. "It's not just going out and throwing the man open." We are going to spend a lot of time in the clbadroom, a lot of time on tours, a lot of time going through the details of this offense. It is very specific from a field marshal's perspective in terms of divisions by receivers, what route has a closed wing in this concept, where is the runner, the depth of a runner. … As a field marshal, we're supposed to know that. I look forward to teaching Mitchell. "

Daniel's work with Trubisky will be a little different from his rule of working with more experienced quarterbacks, though he backed Carson Wentz when he was a rookie at the # 16. to Drew Brees in five seasons with the Saints, including 2017, and backs Alex Smith with the Chiefs for three seasons.

Pace likes that Daniel has worked with a quarterback of the likes of Brees, and Daniel. He said he took Brees far from the preparation and the film studio, and now he will pbad such notes to Trubisky.

"Your number one job in that room is to prepare the start, no matter what happens," Daniel said. because that is a hallmark for me of a good field marshal. Whatever is necessary, whatever the initiator wants to do, you have to settle for that. I have been with many different types who do things in many different ways. "

Daniel spoke with Trubisky after he signed his contract, valued at $ 10 million, on Wednesday and said" he is so excited to be able to go to work ". as I am ".

For Daniel, work also means preparing for the situation that nobody wants to see: Trubisky can not play for any reason. Daniel has tried only three pbades in the past three seasons and has completed 51 of 78 for 480 yards in his career.

But maybe that makes his ability to remain relevant in the NFL even more impressive.

"I'm going in year 10," said Daniel. "If you had told me that when I got out of college, I would have said you're crazy, but we have put ourselves in good situations, and when I played, I played well in the two starts I have."

"Nobody has left. hurt, so I have not had the chance, and that's just what it is. For me, I prepare as a beginner week after week, I watch almost as many movies as anyone and I am eager to bring Mitch with me. "

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