Charlie Rose has potential heir Josh Elliott & # 39; expelled & # 39; of CBS


  CBS this morning

CBS this morning "has run out of Charlie Rose's heir after the veteran presenter was fired on allegations of badual harbadment." Rose is seen at Trump Tower in New York City, November 21, 2016.


The discredited co-host of "CBS This Morning" Charlie Rose was behind the dismissal of a colleague who might have intervened in his role in the United States show, Josh Elliott, several sources said. But Rose says she just supported Elliott.

"CBS This Morning" was left without Rose's heir after the veteran presenter was fired on allegations of badual harbadment, and there is no major replacement on CBS News & # 39; Clbadify to take charge. Connoisseurs say that it was Rose who, this year, helped Elliott get fired from CBS after he decided that the younger anchor was a threat.

A source said: "Josh was kicked out by Charlie and his monstrous ego." Charlie flattered Josh in his face, invited him to cover his PBS show, and then stabbed him in the back by giving an ultimatum to [CBS News President] David Rhodes, who made a big mistake, CBS would be in a very different place if they had kept Josh … They do not have big names or anyone to take a step forward and save them in the middle of this crisis. "

Elliott, a former news anchor at ABC's "Good Morning America," was abandoned by CBS in February after he announced he left the CBS digital channel after being promised a correspondent role on the network. Elliott was dismissed days later by Rhodes, for the ill-fated reason of "showing bad judgment with his news in the air". At the same time that Elliott announced her most important role on CBS, Rose came out recovering from a heart surgery.

  -This February 20, 2013 archive photo released by ABC shows Josh Elliott, on the set of

Josh Elliott, a former news anchor on ABC's "Good Morning America," was abandoned by CBS in February.

Threatened Rose felt ambitious that Elliott was doing a play for her work "in a weak moment," says one source. "Because of Charlie, they cut Josh to his knees."

But now with Rose exposed, "CBS News filmed [itself] in the foot," says the source. "Josh was the last man in the bank, he had the experience and the talent, and he could have walked up, Charlie is a 75-year-old man with health problems who liked to go out at night [and] had a bad reputation. CBS should have seen this coming. "

CBS declined to comment. Rose told us: "Totally false, I supported Josh a lot, I loved working with him on [‘CBS This Morning’] and CBSN [CBS’s digital channel]."

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