Charlie D’Amelio found candidates about going to therapy

“No matter how many followers or how many friends I have, I never felt like I was alone.”

Since skyrocketing to this year’s fame, Tiktok superstar Charlie D’Melio has been the subject of intense online bullying. So much so that she says she has to get therapy.

Charlie recently sat with Tickcock’s star Avni Greg on Avni’s Messenger show Here for For a candid conversation about cyber bullying, and things went much deeper.

At just 16 years old, the dancer and influencer confronted people with real death threats, making fun of their physical appearance. And it all started before he became famous.

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“I had such bad attacks … in the third grade.” In this way it affected me up to three weeks ago. It was so bad that I didn’t want to talk about it, “Charlie told on the show.

Charlie says that she used to face anxiety until all her feelings were broken.

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“As long as I’m not at my breaking point, I’ll stay in and I’ll keep crying for three days and I won’t be Charlie either.” I am this emotional person who does not work properly. I get to these bad places and it is scary for me. I am not myself I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s so over-constructed that I’m trying to get out at once … especially when you think everyone has an invitation to say something about you, ” Charlie told Avni.

When she first tried therapy, she hated the experience and stopped going. But thankfully he gave it another shot a month ago and it made a lot of difference.

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Charlie said, “The only reason that it’s really a difference is because I’m not coming back and I’m saying everything I was seven years old.”

“I think it’s accepting that you’re not well. It took me a while. I was like, ‘You were never really upset. You’re not depressed.’ You can’t celebrate your feelings just because you’re happy sometimes. “

Charlie said that even if you think you are doing great, there is no harm in talking to anyone.

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“It’s really awesome,” Charlie concluded.

Charlie and Avni also spoke with therapist Katie Morton, who described how she helps patients who have experienced bullying.

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“The first thing is a security check, to find out what is really happening and if there are threats that are active. The second thing and most important thing is making time for real relationships with real friends because bullying is what you think. That you can do it alone… and the last step that really takes time is building confidence, ”explained Kati.

If you or anyone in your life is experiencing bullying and needs help, check out STOMP Out Bullying for resources.

You can see Charlie and Avni’s entire conversation Here for bottom:

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