Charles Barclay does not appear in NBA 2K for a very good reason

Charles Barclay has never been in an NBA 2K game, including this year’s NBA 2K21, and now we know why. In a video that is airing online, Barclay explains that he has no feature in the games because he is disappointed at how few players he pays who feature – not because he needs the money himself Is, but because it can be a good revenue source for older players with less money.

The video appears from a recorded online fan Q&A that Berkeley attended, in which the relevant question comes from a young boy named Nick, who uploaded the video to his YouTube. It is very attractive. It actually came back in July, but was largely unnoticed until YouTube’s recommendation algorithm brought it to public attention over the weekend.

Asked why he is not in 2K, Barkley replied “This is a very good question. I have been asked this question a lot.”

Speaking about the benefits of current players compared to older, retired NBA stars, Barclay explained his disappointment with how 2K compensated him: “They give people a rough change.” He is referring to the generations that came before him who were paid very little and are now very unlikely to be rich.

“Just giving me some money doesn’t work,” Barclay says he’s already fine. But he says that 2K calls him every year, and he says he will play if he ever agrees to pay older, retired players $ 1 million per year in the game.

“I’m not talking about older retired players like me … There are players older than me who didn’t make any money,” Barclay says.

Barclay has previously spoken out against 2K for its policies. In 2016, he said the following: “I’m not trying to be a pig or a greedy. They should donate money to retired players. If they give a million dollars a year to a retired players’ union, they use my equality. can do.” . ”

Barkley is no stranger to the video game world. Barkley: Shut Up and Jam began a brief series of street basketball games on SRES and Genesis, before Barclay, Shut Up and Jam: Gaden took the series in a very different direction a decade later.

NBA 2K games, meanwhile, earn huge sums.

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