Chargers vs Dolphins final score, game recap, instant feedback

The Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Chargers have completed their Week 10 game, with the Dolphins finally winning. It was a show between the fifth (Miami’s Toa Tagovelloa) and the sixth-pix (Justin Herbert of Los Angeles). In this year’s NFL Draft, and it lived to be an entertaining game as both quarterbacks made plays.

final score

Charger 21 – Dolphin 29

First half recap

The Dolphins won the toss and came in the second half, giving Justin Herbert and the Chargers the first ball. Kaleen Bailez made his first carry of the game from three yards. Miami’s defense immediately stepped in, however, with a second-down play coming on for a 13-yard loss with Nick Needham the sack. After taking a screen pass from six yards, Miami forced a three-out punt, then Andrew Van Ginkel blocked the kick, as well as Jamal Perry recovered the loose ball at the one-yard line.

Salon Ahmed, in the beginning of his first career, carried the ball to score one yard for the next play. The Dolphins 7–0.

The Chargers were able to move the ball in their second possession, starting with Herbert watching Keenan Allen for 11 yards. Bailez picked up two yards early, when Herbert was seven yards out. Baillage followed it with another four yards. Herbert sat vacant in the zone, 17 yards away, with Tight and Hunter able to find Henry. From three yards out, Joshua Kelly moved Los Angeles to the Miami area, with Bailez backing it up with a four-yard run to the Dolphins’ 45-yard line. However, the drive stayed right there as Herbert threw an incomplete pass and the Chargers stopped him.

Starting at their own 12-yard line, Miami’s offense saw similar results, as their one-yarder took the back drive. Ahmed then picked up from two yards out, then Tua Tagovelloa rolled, stopped himself on a throw, reset and found Mike Gesicki deep for 23 yards. After Solomon Kindley’s false start, Tagovelloa hit Jakam Grant for a 13-yard Gan, then Ahmed converted the first down on a three-yard run. Ahmed then gained another 18 yards, Tagovalloa hitting Grant for another 15 yards after an incomplete pass. Tagovailoa then lobbed for yards, before Malcolm Perry gave Ahmed a wildcat snap for eight yards. After an incomplete pass, Jason Sanders attempted a field goal, only to see the Chargers jump, giving Miami the news of a down. Tagovelloa took the next snap for a two-yard lead, then gave a three-yard faded touchdown pass to Divant Parker, who pointed the ball and came down with a one-handed catch, but never managed to get the other. Feet in the border. Tagovelloa returned in the next play and Grant got a touchdown in the middle of the endzone. Dolphis 14–0.

Bailez lost two yards to begin the drive for Chaarez, an incomplete pass. On 3rd-and-12, Herbert threw to Jalan Gaitan for a nine-yard gain at the crossing route, but the Chargers ducked to complete the three-and-out.

The Dolphins held onto their 44-yard line after an 18-yard return by Grant, a return that just missed being a touchdown return. An incomplete pass and Ahmed set up a third-and-10 for the run to no avail, with center Ted Currus throwing the ball into the ground in the next match. Tagovelloa picked up the loose ball and somehow found Parker for a 23-yard lead. The Tagovelloa-to-Parker connection led Miami to another eight yards on the next play. After an incomplete pass, Tagoveloa threw a shovel pass from seven yards to taunt Durham Smyth. On another Wildcat play, Perry picked up six yards in a play that was destined for a loss of five yards. Ahmed then gained a lead of three yards, only to have Carruss foul the ball again, this time leading Nick Vigil to recovery and he was chased down by Tagovelloa after returning 44 yards.

The Charlers started the drive with a seven-yard lead from Kelly. After two other yards gained by Kelly, Bailez picked up 10 yards, then another three yards. Herbert then threw to Gaitan from five yards, followed by a one-yard run from Ballez. At 4-and-1 from the Miami nine-yard line, Balleys picked up enough for the first down. After the Miami timeout, Herbury scored a scramble from three yards, moving the ball to the Miami five. Kelly then moved the ball to the Dolphins. Ballez was held to no avail, and after a timeout from each team, Herbert scored on quarterback Snick. Dolphins 14–7.

Miam’s next possession was a disappointment, with three straight Ahmed rushing for just nine yards. Miami pinged for a three-and-drive.

After the ball rolled across the Chargers’ four-yard line, Herbert started deep with a throw to the Baileys from five yards into his own zone. He went back to the Baileys for another five yards and took the first down on the next play. After a three-straight incomplete pass, the Chargers were called for a false start on their punt team, leading to a 4-and-15 punt from their nine-yard line.

Grant returned the kick to the Chargers 47 from 22 yards. Tagovelloa found Perry for 13 yards. Taking offense quickly, Tagovelloa merged the team into the line, then looked to Parker but threw the ball when the game was not in place. Patrick Laird drew two yards on 2nd-10, with Miami immediately calling his final timeout. After an incomplete pass, Miami settled for a 50-yard field goal from Sanders. Dolphins 17–7.

Herbert finished the ball at the half after kicking out.

First half reactions

This team is just ridiculous. Seriously. The opening of possession for Los Angeles includes a sack, a forced three-and-a, and a punt block?

Tagovailoa looks sharp in the game. He is decisive and is capable of making plays.

Karna has to find out this sizzling issue. According to Brian Floers, one of the two offensive linemen locked in the starting lineup, he cannot make such mistakes. He seemed to be looking for a towel, and it is a damp day, so maybe it is a case of him not catching the ball properly, but it cannot continue.

The Dolphins clearly lost some momentum after the offense. The energy around the team does not seem to be the same.

Miami finished the first half, then picked up the ball to start the second half. Even though it was just a field goal, it is effective.

Oh, and Jason Sanders is a ridiculous kicking machine.

Second Half Recap

Miami received the second half kickoff, starting on its own 25 after a touchback. Tegovalo looked for Parker for the first game, but the ball flew straight and threw the receiver’s hands over the ball a short distance away. Ahmed ran for six yards, but a false start penalty on Parker returned Miami to a 3-and-9. Tagovelloa looked for Gesicki for the conversion, but the pass was broken and Miami struck out three.

Herbert connected with Allen, who caught a catch from 15 yards in the first half. Herbert was then given plenty of time in the next play and eventually had to work his way up the Gabe Numbers to work for a nine-yard lead. Balleys carried a load of three yards for the first time. The Charlers continued to use the Grail game to attack Miami, with Kelly picking up eight yards before losing one yard. After Herbert converted the first down with a pass to Mike Williams for 10 yards, they went back to the Balleys for seven-four, seven-, and four-yarder, four-straight carries. Herbert then rolled out and found a wide-open Henry behind the endzone for the score. Dolphins 17–14.

Miami came out to see the momentum starting with a 17-yard pass from Tagoveloa to Gesicci. Tagovailoa then saw Perry for an eight-yard lead before Ahmed ran out for 18 yards. After a false start on Ahmed, Miami picked up a 19-yard run from Tagovelloa to tease Adam Adam, who somehow got Shaheen out of the defender’s hands. Ahmed ran to no avail, then a one-yard gain on back-to-back plays before an incomplete pass into the endzone. Miami settled for a 35-yard field goal from Sanders. Dolphins 20–14.

Herbert continued to rely on Balleys on the next drive, starting with a nine-yard pass to the former Dolphins draft pick. Baillage then picked up four yards on the ground before catching a pass in the flat and running for a 16-yard gain. Kelly then lost two yards as Jason burst through the Strowbridge line, ending the third quarter. Emanuel Obag went to Herbert in the first match of the fourth quarter, pulling the quarterback down for a sack. Herbert then looked for Williams on 3-and-12, with Xavian Howard jumping the route and picking up the pass.

Miami started from Tagovalloa for Grant for 12 yards, then Ahmed ran for 11 yards. Ahmed returned for a run of three yards before Tagovailoa showed the rogue a screen while running for four yards. On 3-and-goals from both, Tagoveloa threw a run to the left, turned back to right and threw to Durham Smyth, a wide open for the score. Miami failed to convert a two-point attempt. Dolphins 26–14.

The Dolphins’ defense re-stood on the next Chargers drive, standing with the Baileys following a two-yard gain. Two incomplete passes, plus an unnecessary roughness penalty on Try Turner, set up a 4-and-17, punting with Los Angeles at three-and-outs.

Grant again made a good comeback, picking up 19 yards and giving Miami the ball on the Chargers 38. Ahmed ran five yards on the first position and three yards on the second as Miami began feeding the clock. On 3rd-and-2, Hallins ran for one-yard and came up short to play. Sanders was out for a try of 47 yards, making it right.

Herbert threw a screen on the first play, with Zach Sieler tracking the ballage from behind for a two-yard loss. Herbett then connected with Henry for a seven-yard gain, then a four-yard gain. Herbert saw Ellen at 4-and-1, but Obag defied a pass at the scrimmage line and Miami took down.

The Dolphins continued to milk the clock on the drive, and started with Washington Day again, to no avail. On 3rd-and-7, Patrick Laird gave Miami the first blow from 17 yards. The Chargers struck out for the first time after Larried was run out. The Dolphins then turned back to Ahmed, who lost in the first one yard, but the Chargers used their second time. The Chargers sidelined Ahmed, so on a four-yard loss the Chargers fell into the range of the rogues to use their last time. After losing another yard on third and 14th, Sanders started a new streak with a 49-yard field goal. Dolphins 29–14.

Balleys picked up 11 yards on the first run, then Herbert threw to Guion for four yards. Herbert smashed a pass for Guyana before a deep pass into the endzone was seen by Herbert for a 28-yard lead to Williams. Herbt returned and found Donald Parnum, Jr. from 13 yards out. They then attempt to find Ellen in the endzone, with Byron Jones breaking the pass. Herbert overthrew a wide-open Williams in the endzone. After the Miami timeout, Herbert is able to find Allen at a crossing route, with Howard knocking the ball out of the receiver’s hands when Allen crosses the goal line. Dolphins 29–21.

Miami recovered the inverted kick and knelt to hit the clock.

Second half responses

The Dolphins still do not have the energy with which they started the game. Just not there.

Touchdown Chargers. Miami’s energy problems continue. They are currently allowing the Chargers to schedule the game.

The field goal helps, but the drive from the Dolphins that responded to Los Angeles’ touchdowns did not feel like Miami found a way to regain control of the game.

Ogbah with Sack and Howard with an interception on back-to-back plays! That’s what the dolphin needed to find its spark.

Okay, maybe the Dolphins didn’t catch fire, but they scored to block out the lead after interception.

Sanders missed a field goal for the first time this year and after dating 22 straight last year. The new Dolphin sets the team record. Miami needed those points, though.

Somehow this is a 15 point lead for Miami and I am pushing every single game. It doesn’t feel like Miami is up by two touchdowns. The good thing is that at least the Cardinals are also leading the Bills.

Good win, but the man looked like the team had lost all their energy for the bulk of the game. Some spark was found late in the race to remove it. And, the Bills lost to the Cardinals means Miami could tie for the AFC East lead next week.

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