Charged of assault after farting in Uber

The driver was not the only one to hit the gas.

Bristol Live reported that a UK man has been charged with assault after allegedly firing at Uber and attacking the driver.

“He behaved ugly that night,” defense lawyer Anthony Bignall told Bristol Crown Court about his client’s behavior.

It is reportedly last year’s incident when 35-year-old James Mallett of Kingswood ripped it off the back of the ride while on the way to a local nightclub with three others. According to court testimony, it was the “final straw” for an Uber driver named Alexander Bonchev, who reportedly suffered abuse at the hands of other passengers.

Prosecutor James Scutt said Bonchev told Mallett “to leave the vehicle,” offering flatulent fare to fight the driver and hit him in the head. Bonchev responded in defense by allegedly punching Mallet in the face, dropping him to the ground.

At the time, a young woman who was with Mallet allegedly persuaded him to leave. Police confronted the unruly passenger a short time later with a “cut on cleft lip”, according to Scoot, who said he was “clearly intoxicated.”

Scutz told the court that Mallett was abusive to police. However, Bignall stated that his client was described as a “polite, helpful, well-behaved and polite person”.

Fortunately Gess-Anger admitted assault on November 30 for causing actual harm, which gave him a six-month prison sentence, a fine of $ 650 and 120 hours of community service. His prison sentence has since been suspended for 18 months.

According to recorder Alexia Power, the test proved to be bad for Bonchev, who stated that the driver was unable to work due to a broken finger during the fight. As a result, Bonchev lost his Uber job, vehicle and home, and has since returned to his home country of Bulgaria.

This is not the first time that someone has smelled due to flatulence. In August, a Florida woman was arrested after assaulting her father as they fired heavily at their shared house.


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