Chaos in the United States has Russian media, claiming ‘America dies’

This week, US President Donald Trump reiterated his intention to move forward with reducing the US military presence in Germany, without any consultation in Berlin. And even as members of the US Congress and US allies abroad expressed concern about the draw, the Trump administration’s decision brought joy to the Kremlin and the Russian media.

Back in June, 22 Republican members of the House Armed Services Committee urged Trump not to go ahead with the move, stating in a letter: “We believe that such steps significantly harm US national security. And at the same time Russia’s position will be stronger for us. Protests … In Europe, the threats posed by Russia have not diminished, and we believe that signs of a weak US commitment to NATO will encourage further Russian aggression and opportunism. “

German officials have described the move as politically motivated. While Trump claimed the draw was based on Germany not meeting NATO’s target Expenditure On defense, Belgium and Italy spend 2 percent of their GDP – the two countries that will receive some US forces from Germany – also spend a small percentage on defense. The move would cost the US taxpayers billions of dollars and weaken NATO alliances.

Meanwhile, when the intention to reduce the US contingent in Germany was first announced, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the Kremlin would “welcome any move by Washington to reduce its military presence in Europe” , “Brazen said to take over the United States. Home not only its soldiers, but also its strategic nuclear weapons.


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