CFP selection: Alabama again, State of Ohio –

CFP selection: Alabama again, State of Ohio


Alabama became the answer in the great riddle of the 2017 college football playoff season, catching the coveted No. 4 spot for the four-team tiebreaker to finish behind No. 1 Clemson, No. 2 Oklahoma and No. 3 Georgia. He held Alabama as the only program that came to the tiebreaker in each season of the concept.

Of the four, this proved to be the narrowest for the 13-member selection committee that had to make the decision. Alabama (11-1) finished just ahead of No. 5 Ohio State (11-2), the Big Ten champion who, unlike Alabama, came to play on Saturday because he won his division, while the 26th defeat 14 of Alabama in Auburn on November 25 left Crimson Tide in second place in the Western Division of the Southeast Conference. Ohio State resisted then-No. 4 Wisconsin, 27-21, Saturday night in Indianapolis, cramming even more the road to Alabama, which had finished as the first seed in 2014, the second seed in 2015 and the first seed in 2016. [19659003] Presence Clemson (12-1) at the top maintains the American habit of a Clemson-Alabama playoff match, the two have played in the last two games of the national championship, with each winner. This time, they will add New Orleans to Phoenix and Tampa on their list of meeting places when they get tangled up in the Sugar Bowl on January 1. By contrast, when Georgia (12-1) and Oklahoma (12-1) meet at the Rose Bowl, also on January 1, it will double as the first meeting between those two ambitious programs.

The two winners will play in Atlanta on January 8.

The presence of Alabama in the first four marks one playoff first while preventing another. It became the first time that a conference placed two teams within the first four, with the SEC maintaining rankings 3 and 4. It also extended to four years the absence of any team with two losses, the committees had selected 13 teams . Loss teams and three unbeaten teams among their 16 qualifiers since 2014. An Ohio State presence in the first four would also have meant half of the quartet had suffered destruction during the season, with the Buckeyes losing 55-24 in Iowa, which ended unclbadified, while No. 3 Georgia lost 40-17 at Auburn on November 11, getting a touchdown in the store with 2:19 left to keep it from looking even more severe.

While that made Georgia the first entry into the playoffs to be destroyed at any time, the Bulldogs avenged that same destruction with gusto on Saturday, 28-7 in the SEC championship game.

A national heap of suspense focused on the larger plot, which came down to the gigantic programs of Alabama and Afte State of Ohio The committee, which has five coaches, four athletic directors and a recently fired athletic director, placed at numbers 5 and 8, respectively, last week. Ohio State had the title of the conference and three wins over the top 16 teams; Alabama had two wins over the lowest ranked teams, but the best record. Alabama beat six bowl teams and one team that missed a bowl only through their self-imposed ineligibility; Ohio State beat five bowl teams.

The selected teams also deepened the initial trend of the repeated qualifiers in these first years of the postseason, with a minimum of parity. Clemson, the defending national champion, appears for the third time in four years, even after seeing his defining star, quarterback Deshaun Watson, go to the NFL while training a starting rookie quarterback, Carolina's understudy South Kelly Bryant. Ohio State also makes a third appearance, while Oklahoma makes a second. Only Georgia debuts.

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