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CES 2018: Intel announces & # 39; breakthrough & # 39; on the quantum computing chip

Intel has announced a quantum chip of 49 qubits in CES 2018, with its CEO Brian Krzanich describing it as a breakthrough in quantum computing and the next step towards "quantum supremacy".

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During the Intel conference, Krzanich said that Intel's laboratories and researchers are "committed" to the advancement of quantum computing, with a laboratory based in the Netherlands that tests and builds quantum computing systems.

Intel did not disclose any details of the chip timeline.

Other advanced computer systems being tested by Intel include neuromorphic computing in the form of its Loihi artificial intelligence (AI) test chip, which was announced in September.

According to Krzanich, Intel now has a fully functional neuromorphic chip that after a few weeks is already performing a simple object recognition in the laboratories. In the next few years, Krzanich said that Intel will place Loihi in the hands of partners to explore use cases.

Krzanich started his keynote address, CES 2018, addressing Meltdown and Specter, saying that it is "truly remarkable" how many technology companies have come together to investigate and solve these problems.

"So far, we have not received any information that customer data has been violated," he added.

"We expect some workloads to have a greater impact than others, so we will continue to work with the industry to minimize the impact on those workloads over time."

Krzanich also spoke about Intel's role as a technology partner for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018, saying that it would provide the largest VR experience with a total of 30 events both live and on demand using its Intel True VR solution.

The solution involves the placement of multiple 360-degree cameras along the perimeter and inside of playing fields and ski slopes. When combined with software, the footage allows fans to look around the field and choose from which camera position they want to see events.

This "immersive media" viewing experience is also being expanded by installing cameras in players' helmets. The NFL will provide viewers with their perspectives, Intel announced.

Intel is also extending this volumetric technology to the creation of content, such as movies, where viewers can "be the actor". By using hundreds of cameras, you can see a scene from any point of view or angle after a single shot.

Krzanich said that this will allow audiences to choose which character they want to see the film from, and it can be extended to such use cases as television, advertising and games.

As part of this, Intel announced an "exploratory partnership" with Paramount Pictures, with the president of the latest company Jim Gianopulos saying that technology is "the key to our future" in the creation of A new form of entertainment.

As the audience moves from flat screens to immersive experiences involving virtual reality, Gianopulos said that Paramount will be able to create content closer to reality than ever before placing the audience inside the movie. [19659008] See also: CES 2018 Special Coverage (CNET)

Intel also used its key note CES 2018 to show how its location technology SDK 1.0, drones Quadcopter Shooting Star, RealSense Vision Processes The cameras in the series D4, the 8th generation central processors, Movidius Myriad X VPU with AI engine and SoundVision software can be combined to create a theatrical show

During the performance, musicians "played data" by controlling gestures while wearing smart gloves ; drones and AI musicians played music learned in real time; and the location technology was combined with sensors and cameras to present data collected from dances and acrobatics.

Other technologies used for the show were the Unity3d game development platform for AI playback; Intel StretchSense gloves and sticks enabled for data; Servers based on Intel processors for music generation and data visualization; the Yamaha DC5Z Disklavier; the TouchDesigner Derivative for the visual development platform; Cycling 74 Max MSP for data routing; Maya Autodesk for the creation of 3D characters; Ableton for workflow and playback of audio samples; and the digital sculpture tool Pixologic Zbrush for the creation of avatars.

Intel also used CES 2018 to announce its 8th generation core processor, combining AMD's Radeon RX Vega M Graphics and 4GB of second generation high-bandwidth memory (HBM2) and new NUC mini-PCs during CES 2018, which include its 8th generation Core i7 processors and are intended for virtual reality applications.

Disclosure: Corinne Reichert traveled to CES 2018 in Las Vegas as Intel's guest

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