CEO of United Airlines wants to make Kovid a vaccine mandatory for employees

United Airlines may make the Kovid-19 vaccine mandatory for employees, and other companies should do the same, United Chief Executive Officer Scott Kirby told workers in a meeting on Thursday, according to a transcript reviewed by Reuters.

A joint spokesperson confirmed that the company was “strongly considering” making vaccines compulsory, although it is not yet a policy.

“I think it is the right thing for United Airlines, and for other companies, to require and mandate vaccines,” Kirby said.

“If others go along and are ready to start mandating vaccines, you should probably expect United to be among the first wave of companies that do so.”

CNBC previously reported the news of Kirby making the vaccine mandatory for employees.

Private US companies may require staff to vaccinate against Kovid-19, but are unlikely to do so due to the risk of legal and cultural backlash, experts have said.

Companies are still in the early stages of navigating vaccine use and delivery against novel coronovirus-causing disease, but vaccination is considered the key to safely begin operations on crowded warehouses, factory lines and sales floors goes.

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