CEO of my pillow banned Twitter

Twitter has permanently suspended My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s account following his continued unproven claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Twitter said in a statement shared with many news The shops Lindell was banned by the forum on Monday “Repeated violation” of its civil integrity policy.

Lindell, an outspoken supporter of the former President TrumpDonald TrumpSumer: Impeachment trial will be quick, no witnesses required to be tapped by Biden, report as acting surgeon general: Report Schumer calls Biden to declare climate emergencyHas continued to claim that the election was “stolen” even after President Biden was sworn in last week.

Belongs to twitter Civil integrity policy Restricts posts that “When, where, or how a citizen can suppress or mislead people’s participation in how to participate in the process. ”

As a result of five or more violations of the policy, with “permanent suspension”, you may not use Twitter’s services for the purpose of manipulating or interfering with elections or other civil processes.

Twitter had permanently banned Trump from its platform earlier this month, “Risk of further inciting violence, “Chasing Deadly Life. Riot at 6 Capitol. Just before the siege, the former president reiterated his supporters’ claims of a rigged election in remarks.

Lindell, better known as “My Pillow Man”, has already faced condemnation for pursuing unsupported claims around the 2020 election.

Last week, The post-election Dominion voting system targeted by Trump and his allies threatened Lindell with legal action, Writing in a letter to Lindell He has been the leader of a “misinformation campaign” against the voting machine company. On Monday, the Dominion voting system filed a $ 1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy GiulianiRudy Giuliani. Hill’s 12:30 report – submitted by Facebook – GOP Senator Dominion Vinging retires system files. .3B Defamation Lawsuit Against GiBiani Next Move: What Else Should We Expect From Trump, Claims about the company.

Lindell also came after the investigation Leaving a meeting with Trump photographed At the White House earlier this month. Zoom-in shots of images taken by the Washington Post photographer show partially visible notes that mention “martial law if necessary” and the “Insurance Act”, a 1806 law that would allow the president to call the military and Allows the National Guard to mobilize. To prevent soldiers from carrying out acts of civil disorder or rebellion.

Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s and other retailers Since my pillow products have spilled, Though a Bed Bath & Beyond spokesperson told The Hill in a statement that the decision was part of a larger effort to “shut down several underperforming items and brands”.


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