Census to end voting efforts a month ago: report

According to the NPR report, the Census Bureau has decided to cut the time taken for knocking on doors across the country.

In April, the agency indicated that due to delays from the coronovirus epidemic, it is necessary to correctly count all people in the country until Halloween. Now, attempts to knock on the door will stop on September 30, three Census Bureau employees told the radio station. The bureau’s website does not yet reflect the change.

“It is impossible to complete the count on time,” said one of the bureau’s employees. “I am very afraid that we are going to be on a large scale.”

Door knocking is still used by the bureau to obtain more accurate counts of communities, where there has been little response to the census. Bureau staff began knocking doors for under-reported communities in early July, and efforts were made to extend NPR across the country on 11 August.

Roughly 40 percent of families in the US still did not participate in the constitutionally mandated decanal tally.

When asked about the initial round of door knocking by NPR, the Census Bureau said in a statement, “We are currently evaluating our actions to enable the Census Bureau to provide this data in the most efficient way possible.” And will make an announcement when those plans have been finalized. “

Families can still visit the Census Bureau website to self-react, although it is unclear how long they will take to do so. According to NPR, the bureau’s site said that July 31 was the last day of the “self-response phase”, but it now says that the phase will last until the end of field data collection.


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