Celtics vs. Raptors Scores: Boston Wins in Game 7 in Toronto

The seven-match series took every minute, but the defending champion has relinquished his crown. The Boston Celtics defeated the Toronto Raptors 92-87 in Game 7 of their Eastern Conference Semifinal Series, and pushed Boston to the Final Four and sent the Raptors home after a commendable title defense, which few saw. Jason Tatum led for Boston with 29 points, while Fred Vanvelt was Toronto’s leading scorer at 20.

The Celtics will now face the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, a matchup that looks familiar but includes almost none of their previous playoff pairings. Udonis Haslem is the only player on the roster to participate in the last Eastern Conference Finals match between these teams in 2012. So long, LeBron James and Paul Pearce, Hello Tatum and Jimmy Butler.

The Raptors, the No. 2 seed owner in the Eastern Conference, are at home on a sour note, but have to be happy throughout the season. Despite losing to Qui Leonard, many are struggling to make it to the playoffs, they come just a short time before the Eastern Conference Finals. They will return next season, but for now, the Celtics are the highest-seeded Eastern Conference team left on the field.